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  1. 9050lx

    Has Ross Chastain (at age 29) lost a few brain cells?

    Who cares? There's no racing going on....Sucks....
  2. 9050lx

    Has Kevin Harvick (at age 43) Lost A Step?

    Hope he keeps at it next year.Should run quite well.
  3. 9050lx

    Is Ty Gibbs the most disliked champion?

    Sorry for you loss.I lost my mom and my mother in law in the last 2 years. It sucks for sure.
  4. 9050lx

    Is Ty Gibbs the most disliked champion?

    You mostly don't feel anything until a long time passes from what I can remember.
  5. 9050lx

    Is Ty Gibbs the most disliked champion?

    Ty may turn out ok when he grows up, a long long time from now...
  6. 9050lx

    No deal

    Nascar needs to be dewormed.
  7. 9050lx

    Ross Chastain is Going to Win the Title…. Unlike Tyler Reddick

    Nah, they're both attractive healthy females of the human species. With piles of money.
  8. 9050lx

    NASCAR should address their suspension penalties

    Seriously Bubba? An original WTF moment. He was check-mated on that corner, he had to know, and didn't like getting outsmarted, I think.
  9. 9050lx

    Bubba Wallace Appreciation Thread

    Bubbas gotta realize this is not a good look for his popularity. Maybe he needs meds.
  10. 9050lx

    Bubba Wallace Appreciation Thread

    If I recall, Carl grabbed Harvick by the throat. Carl did look like he could do some damage.
  11. 9050lx

    Bubba Wallace Appreciation Thread

    Would not describe any of the drivers as fighters, well maybe Ambrose . It would only end in embarrasment for them. I think I read somewhere Harvick was a high school wrestler.
  12. 9050lx

    SHR Takes A Big Hit

    An inconsistent cluster for Custer.
  13. 9050lx

    Cup RACE thread --- Roval

    "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends".
  14. 9050lx

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Roval

    Solid 10 for the last few laps of absolute mayhem.Two or lower for the rest of the spectacle.
  15. 9050lx

    Cup RACE thread --- Roval

    Probably will. Just feels too contrived. Still love the sport in spite of "playoffs"
  16. 9050lx

    Rodney Rodney Rodney

    He was a talented charismatic guy. What a terrific waste of skill.Bet he saw his share of beautiful women though.
  17. 9050lx

    Rodney Rodney Rodney

  18. 9050lx

    Rodney Rodney Rodney

    Ol motor mouth is a talented driver with an innovative crew chief. Don't see a problem with any of it. Let the man express his opinions.
  19. 9050lx

    Rodney Rodney Rodney

    Or Kevin loses it and retires on a pile of dough. Nascar won't be as interesting to me when he does hang it up.
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