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  1. hidesert cowboy

    peace out.

    This board is a club for a few members, after years of having threads deleted, because they may have been slightly related to one of the 5-6 active threads on the first page, conindientially started by one of the same 7-10 forum members. To anything remotely controversial being deleted, I...
  2. hidesert cowboy

    Cars looks slower than molasses, atlanta

    for some reason the cars look way way too slow going down the track at race speed. While its been visable at other tracks for some reason today, IMO it makes the racing product look bad. For tracks with very abrasive surfaces the older 750hp package put on a great race. its the tracks with...
  3. hidesert cowboy

    JJ Yeley is about to make history

    david ragan still gets rides too. I think because these drivers are approved for all tracks they end up getting the rides just because of that.
  4. hidesert cowboy

    more short tracks because of schedule?

    it looks like nascar is running charlotte and darlington to getting rid of dates other tracks will see. While I really like running extra races at Darlington, (except it really sucks to run the iroc package there, the race would be much better with the short track 750hp package) heck if we...
  5. hidesert cowboy

    Ryan Newman and Matt Kenseth receive playoff waivers.

    So if Larson failed a drug test and got fired would that mean the replacement driver gets a waiver too?
  6. hidesert cowboy

    nitrous push to pass, why not?

    after watching the freedom 500, they put 10# nitrous bottles in the cars, They only did like a 50hp shot of nitrous because that is inside the limits of the stock vehicles fuel injection system. I got to thinking WHY NOT do the same thing in nascar?!? They are running these cars with...
  7. hidesert cowboy

    Jimmie Johnson fans, who will be your new favorite driver after he retires?

    maybe jimmie isn't retiring right now.
  8. hidesert cowboy

    Cletus McFarlane Freedom 500

    Any idea how many viewers they got
  9. hidesert cowboy

    Where was the race today?

    I heard nascar was supposed to broadcast Kyle petty’s first win On FoX. It never happened. What was the deal?
  10. hidesert cowboy

    Johali's Rate the Cup Race --- Phoenix

    9.5 fast cars could easily move up the field and were not trapped in 15th after leading the race. your not going to see any better racing.
  11. hidesert cowboy

    William Byron

    He seems to be fast in qualifying and practice. He does show some ruff ness in the actual race. He is not a smooth patient driver like chase is. If he ends up with a car that is faster and the situation is right he will win. Don’t doubt his cc to just have a car that runs away from the others
  12. hidesert cowboy

    William Byron

    Hms cars sucked the last 2 years calm down
  13. hidesert cowboy

    Is Clint Bowyer underachieving?

    Almirola way worse, wasn’t even a decent xfinity driver. Bowyer was great at xfinity
  14. hidesert cowboy

    Ryan Newman Has Made It

    Again the floor looks like the weakest area
  15. hidesert cowboy

    Who will drive the #6?

    ask brad k and joey lagano if kenseth has a special personality, I can't believe people saying david ragan. The guy has been terrible in every car he has been in.
  16. hidesert cowboy

    Ryan Newman Has Made It

    what about the bottoms of these cars. What kind of structure is there in the floor area? I know its a rare place to take a hard hit. but it would seem the floor of the car might be one of the weakest points.
  17. hidesert cowboy

    Who will drive the #6?

    anyone but david ragan. The hauler driver is better. Kenseth is my top choice, menard second, heck just saw someone say biffle, um YES bring back biffle. I like the idea of bringing back a veteren because the sport is loosing its veterens and as a result the special personalities the...
  18. hidesert cowboy

    Praying Newman Is Okay

    I call severe injuries the ones like steve park had, ernie irvan and bobby allison. We havne't even seen injuries like those. those are the types I was talking about not seeing. I shutter to think about what would have happened in this wreck if they were still using the old car. starting...
  19. hidesert cowboy

    Praying Newman Is Okay

    Or really even very serious injury. We have some broken legs and backs, but nothing even needing long term hospitalization. We will see with Newman now
  20. hidesert cowboy

    Who will drive the #6?

    Please no!
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