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  1. darlingtonfan

    Johali has passed

    Sad news to hear,prayers to the family.RIP Johali
  2. darlingtonfan

    2019 Darlington -- Bojangles Southern 500 Night Race -- Pre-Race Thread

    My son and I are making the drive from Columbia SC as we are visiting my sick mother in law.It is my first drive to Darlington from this direction,any help with best routes I would appreciate.Thanks
  3. darlingtonfan

    Rate The Cup Race: Watkins Glen

    10,I have to make it to Watkins Glen one day
  4. darlingtonfan

    Indy 500 Race Thread.

    What a great race,the back and forth the final laps were incredible.My wife enjoyed it as much as I did.
  5. darlingtonfan

    RACE thread --- The Open and the All-Star

    It was great to see Larson win but anyone that believes NASCAR is too expensive hasn't had their wife and daughter visit the Concord shopping mall.But we all had a great weekend.
  6. darlingtonfan

    Rate The Race: Charlotte Open & All Star

    Open-9 ASR-9
  7. darlingtonfan

    Rate The Cup Race: Martinsville I

    8,love the short tracks
  8. darlingtonfan

    What Do you Think of the New Package?

    With Marry Barra as CEO,you don't want to be an underperforming group or unit.
  9. darlingtonfan

    What Do you Think of the New Package?

    I wonder if Brian France is somewhere having a drink and laughing his butt off.
  10. darlingtonfan

    Allenbaba does it again.

    Great news Lisa and a big thank you to @Allenbaba
  11. darlingtonfan

    My daughter got engaged!!!

  12. darlingtonfan

    Hunting for new manufacturers

    When you consider GM CEO Mary Barra's no hesitation in killing off slow selling cars I wonder how long the Chevrolet Camaro has left.It has been redesigned for 2019,but the guy heading up the Camaro program,Al Oppenheiser has just been reassigned to work on electric cars.In a few years it will...
  13. darlingtonfan

    NFL 2018-19

    I didn't know what happened,a lady at the Pubix checkout said she would never buy a product with an NFL logo on it.My brother told me about the TMZ video,how can you be this dumb.
  14. darlingtonfan

    RIP David Pearson

    I got to meet him several years ago at a car show in Spartanburg,SC,a vary humble and great guy.R.I.P Silver Fox
  15. darlingtonfan

    DIY Projects

    We used to have a local True Value hardware store till the guy retired and it was closed.You could go in there,tell them what you need,they knew where it was and how to use it.They even gave you their phone number if you had problems.
  16. darlingtonfan

    2018 Phoenix -- Can-Am 500 -- Pre-Race Thread

    I guess they all are trying to see what they can get away with
  17. darlingtonfan

    NASCAR's Declining Attendance & Viewership

    Finished,good luck with your paper
  18. darlingtonfan

    driving lessons

    I was watching both my kids take their driving test several years ago.My daughter failed her test because of parallel parking using driving instructors Toyota Camry,but passed on her second try.My son used his instructors Fiat 500 and had no trouble.It was comical watching him,I believed he...
  19. darlingtonfan

    78 FRR is done

    It is a sad day to see another team closing their doors,but the NASCAR business model doesn't work today.I am still hopeful someone outside NASCAR takes over the helm with the support of the France family to make any changes they want.
  20. darlingtonfan

    More Short Tracks

    I have relatives in Darlington and Rockingham,it is a slow pace of life in both.It seems like the older I get the more I enjoy that.
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