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    2019 REV Group Grand Prix at Road America

    I went to the race yesterday. My first IndyCar experience, and it was awesome. I love that they give you 3 preliminary events before the race, something I'm not used to at all from NASCAR. True, Rossi dominated but it was still entertaining with a lot of drivers going off track in turn 5 where...
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    Any good IndyCar reading?

    Thanks all. And as to the personality, I was a Harvick fan in NASCAR (hence the username) so maybe that's what I gravitate towards o_O.
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    Any good IndyCar reading?

    Hi all, I used to be on here on the NASCAR Forums as one of the poster decrying the decline of the sport with planned cautions etc. True to my word, I gave up on NASCAR but have been watching IndyCar this year and find it to be refreshingly "real" racing. After following all season, I'm going...
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    2017 NASCAR Season - Television Ratings Thread

    Here's at least one fan that gave up on NASCAR because of the stages. I haven't watched a race since baseball season started whereas I hadn't missed a race (at least when DVR is included) since 1999 before that. I still come to this board while perusing some of the other racing boards, but I...
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    World of Outlaws 2017

    Thanks. That's one thing I was going to ask (more to prepare my wife than for me). How bad is the dirt in your face?
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    World of Outlaws 2017

    Going to my first WoO race this coming weekend at Wilmot. I've been to tons of NASCAR races, and a few short track races, but never dirt. Any tips for a good experience? Can be specific to Wilmot if anyone's been or just general WoO tips.
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    Walk me back from the edge

    I actually gave it a go last week for the first time since Talladega, as I love the road courses. But when that fake caution came out, I just couldn't keep watching. It still legitimately pisses me off. Having fake stoppages on a road course is even more sacrilege than on an oval, I think. I...
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    Playoff Outlook

    Explanation of playoffs in every major American sport: If you win your division, you are in. A few other teams with the best records that didn't win their division make it as well. No chalk board or hour-long explanation required. Try to explain this insane Nascar points system in two sentences.
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    2018 Cup Schedule

    Is the Brickyard still going to be the Brickyard 400? That would make for a really long, 4+ hour race on a road course (Sonoma is 217 miles and Watkins Glen is 220 miles). Perhaps a conversion to kilometers?
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    Coke 600 Will Feature 4 Segments

    If they had simply done this, I would have kept watching NASCAR.
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    NASCAR Heat 2 coming Fall 2017

    I never edited the setup and never had trouble driving the car. Not a "Get Gud" post, but wondering if you should have given it more time?
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    Coke 600 Will Feature 4 Segments

    NASCAR announces 400 segments for Dover. Says Brian France, "Giving out points each and every lap will keep the fans engaged and the drivers racing hard."
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    Ty Dillon

    I'm 30, not quite over the hill yet! Though I definitely do act like it :D.
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    Ty Dillon

    Why does everyone plan elaborate baby announcements today like they are the British royal family? Not especially hating on Dillon here but one of the most irritating things about my sharing-obsessed generation.
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    By appearance alone, NASCAR is in bigger trouble than other sports

    The problem with this for racing (and I hesitate to say this given the talk of quieting the cars) is that NASCAR is too loud for this sort of environment. A race doesn't lend itself to the kind of quiet chatter and 'lazy day at the park' feel that you get at a baseball game.
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    Is NASCAR dying?

    But the racing (to me) is ruined by planned take cautions. I could use the rationalizations you use when the changes were all off the track. But the segments effect the on track product, and that is something I haven't been able to abide.
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    Is NASCAR dying?

    I've not watched a race since baseball season started. I come on here still occasionally because I enjoyed you guys and am holding out hope that NASCAR will see the error of it's ways and change course. It's sad. I never thought I would give up what, for the majority of my life, was my...
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    NASCAR race at Richmond that sold 112,000 tickets a decade ago is now struggling to sell 30,000

    I find it funny how apologists in the low attendance thread blame the weather/better tv coverage, apologists in the tv ratings thread blame social media. What will you blame when we find out no one is watching on social media either? Brian France has killed the Golden Goose. The retirement of...
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    Nascar Screwed Kevin Out Of Another Win.

    This reinforces my decision to give up on NASCAR. I couldn't abide the ridiculous planned fake cautions, but one bright spot was the reduction in unplanned fake cautions. If they are going to have the segments and that, the sport is really devolving to WWE-status. I'm two weeks from watching...
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    Nascar Screwed Kevin Out Of Another Win.

    I didn't watch, was there debris shown or not? If it was not, what gives any of you any faith that there actually was debris? Genuinely curious, if NASCAR is still regularly using fake cautions along with the planned fake cautions, this is doubly terrible.
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