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  1. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Indy

    NBC keeps advertising their races (not the USA races) are on Peacock. I never can find them on there. I see them on the NBC Sports app, but not on Peacock.
  2. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Indy

    Lots of candidates for this one. NBC for switching the end of the race to USA, NASCAR for not throwing a caution sooner when the 41 spun, Corey Lajoie just because, Hocevar for causing a couple of wrecks.
  3. MRM

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Indy

    6. Only because the fuel strategy and restarts at the end made it a bit more interesting than the snoozer it was.
  4. MRM

    Bob Jeffrey

    Lone time spotter Bob Jeffrey passed away yesterday. He was a spotter for Dale Jarrett and Tony Stewart. He had been working as a spotter for Pato O'Ward.
  5. MRM

    Are NASCAR penalties determined by Reddit and X (Twitter)?

    Bubba's and Carson's actions were under caution or after the race was over, thus a big fine. Lajoie's was part of the action, even it looked intentional. I think NASCAR has been fairly consistent with this, at least for this season.
  6. MRM

    Nascar Cup at the Indy Oval Pre-Race Thread

    Childress putting Ty Dillon in the #33 for the Brickyard.
  7. MRM

    Dirt Late Models 2024

    Great race last night in the Lucas Oil series at Eagle Raceway. Four cars battling for the lead past the halfway point.
  8. MRM

    Pocono Bonehead

  9. MRM

    Dirt Late Models 2024

    Both drivers did well last night. No racing tonight and then to Wheatland Saturday. Hopefully the attention will turn to the racing instead of the drama very soon.
  10. MRM

    The Announcers Thread

    I didn't realize so many people like Marty Smith. I don't care for him. He wants to be buddies with people, not be a reporter. Too sheepy for my taste.
  11. MRM

    Option Tires for Richmond

    The thing about NWB is it's new pavement and there wasn't going to be much tire wire no matter what they brought. Richmond will be a different animal and a longer race.
  12. MRM

    Silly Season 2025

    Bring back Custer.
  13. MRM

    Deegan update

    Maybe Harrison Burton will get her ride.
  14. MRM

    Dirt Late Models 2024

    Someone who has driven for them before.
  15. MRM

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Chicago

    I (incomplete)
  16. MRM

    Chicago Bonehead

    So many choices. Reddick, NASCAR, Bubba, the 20's crew chief.
  17. MRM

    Silly Season 2025

    The others will do that for him.
  18. MRM

    Report- Clash coming to Bowman Gray in 2025

    Considering how little effort Fox is putting into their NASCAR coverage, it wouldn't shock me if they veto expanding Speedweeks if it was ever presented to them. The teams aren't interested in it because they don't want crews, PR people, etc. in hotels for over a week. But I agree they need to...
  19. MRM

    Silly Season 2025

    Or someone else's could be too. I think this is a good move for Berry and the Wood Brothers.
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