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  1. Zerkfitting

    All Electric NASCAR Series on the Horizon

    The battery is the weak link. Any race that tests the range of the battery will become a fuel power millage race, they won't waste power on passing until the end of the race. I'm guessing, but running a race car at high speed will drain the battery pretty quick. I think a hybrid might work...
  2. Zerkfitting

    2024 Next Gen Car

    Back in the day when the cars were off the ground, the trailing car had the advantage by drafting to the lead car and easily passing. Maybe try getting the cars off the ground a bit.
  3. Zerkfitting

    2024 Grand Prix of Monterey

    I missed the race because of NASCARs damp track tire test (don't have Peacock).
  4. Zerkfitting

    2024 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Are there any Garage 56 cars this year?
  5. Zerkfitting

    Cup RACE thread --- 600

    With the 500 and 600, Larson could be called rain man. I was hoping he could complete both races.
  6. Zerkfitting

    Teams could be limited to three charters

    I'm in favor of smaller teams. But the big teams will find a way around it with "sister" teams like they do now. I think Roush had five teams at one point. Giving Hendricks and Gibbs extra cars isn't right, it doesn't change a thing from what currently exists. How many teams have more than two cars?
  7. Zerkfitting

    All Electric NASCAR Series on the Horizon

    I was wondering how big of a gas-powered engine would be needed to power an electric motor to drive the wheels to run at racing speeds. Electric motors have a lot of torque (the Owens example had a terrible power transfer to the wheels). A battery powered EV won’t work for racing – except drag...
  8. Zerkfitting

    2024 Next Gen Car

    Some races become fuel economy runs depending on how the race circumstances play out. NASAR could go back to phantom cautions or teams could pay back markers to cause a caution (these techniques were rumored to be used in the past).
  9. Zerkfitting

    All Electric NASCAR Series on the Horizon

    To race an EV, loose the battery. Use a small gas engine to run a generator and the generator to power an electric motor. I saw a Jay Leno Garage episode for the 1916 Owen Magnetic which had a similar configuration.
  10. Zerkfitting

    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    I noticed Chase doing a Polish Victory lap and I appreciated him mentioning Alan Kulwki.
  11. Zerkfitting

    Cable cutters, rejoice

    I have a DVD collection - no ads. The number of ads on the free streaming channels is far less than the ads on cable. (I've been watching older movies lately).
  12. Zerkfitting

    72nd Annual 12 Hours of Sebring

    The BMW reminds me of their car from the GTP days
  13. Zerkfitting

    Bristol Spring Race Pre - Race Thread

    Kyle Busch (8 Bristol wins) was asked about the outcome between him and Dale Earnhardt (9 Bristol wins) in a theoretical 10 lap race at Bristol. his answer
  14. Zerkfitting

    Log In After Logged In

    Thank you for the information. I hadn't had the problem since I joined but something changed when I reported the problem. I noticed another forum I visit defaults to a 60 minute session. I don't want to stay logged in to any forum. Thanks for the suggestions to work around my problem.
  15. Zerkfitting

    Log In After Logged In

    I still get logged out on occasion. When I do log in I always uncheck "Stay Logged In" (I wish unchecked was the default or a preference).
  16. Zerkfitting

    Daytona 2024 Pre-Race Thread

    I was looking to see when single lap qualifying is scheduled, it used to be a week before the race. I see it is scheduled for Wednesday and I don't think it is televised. In the past, preparation for the 500 was a multi-week long deal (Speedweeks). Teams did a lot of testing (and sandbagging)...
  17. Zerkfitting

    2024 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

    Just checked scoring & timing because when I turned on the race just now I couldn't believe how close the field is in each class.
  18. Zerkfitting

    2024 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

    Scott Pruitt: Jeweler (17 Rolex watches)
  19. Zerkfitting

    2024 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

    When I first started following this race, the GT glass was almost all Porsche; they sold cars that could be raced by the independents (I admired Porsche for that). These days the GT classes have become more diverse and interesting.
  20. Zerkfitting

    2024 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

    I was ready for this race a week ago but now that I learned to read a calendar I'm ready for the start.
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