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  1. Whizzer

    Storage building

    Damn!! Just when I need a laugh you never fail to come through with something. I'm telling you, you should write a book about your shed build/rebuild or whatever it is this time around now you figure the porch is finished. Wasn't that another adventure? And now the back issues. Not that your...
  2. Whizzer

    Indy results

    Damn, kkfan!! You are persistent. If this keeps up I'm gonna need a steady supply of valium.
  3. Whizzer

    Storage building

    DAMN!!! But isn't that the way things go sometimes? My Bride is dealing with back pain now also and going to a chiropractor who says when his treatment is done she has to do rehab and therein lies the rub. She'll figure it out. I figure we're pretty fortunate considering our ages and health...
  4. Whizzer

    New "what are you listening to thread"

  5. Whizzer

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Indy

    7.5. Beginning and I thought this was gonna be a snoozer. Things picked up and strategy played a major role making things a lot more interesting and racing with passing came into play. If the first segment had not been so boring would have graded it higher.
  6. Whizzer

    Pocono results --- much better :-)

    Good job, kkfan. You get the prize this week. 🏆 Every time I turn around, there's kkfan. Just like a beaver chewing a tree and close to toppling it. :oops:
  7. Whizzer

    Might be the end of Hooters in NASCAR.

  8. Whizzer

    Might be the end of Hooters in NASCAR.

    You think that's bad, think about the places selling Buffalo chicken wings. I was in Buffalo and never saw one chicken coop. So they are lying too!! It's like boneless chickens. How do they get around without bones? Are they hatched with crutches or a mini-wheelchair? If so, what happens to all...
  9. Whizzer

    The best cheeseburger on earth......

    For those with access to a Publix with a bakery, they bake brioche buns and they are excellent with hamburgers, mustard, a slice of white onion, hamburger dill pickle slices and Swiss cheese. Or, the hamburger buns by Publix are good as well. Just a bit more crusty top o'the bun. :cool:
  10. Whizzer

    Chicago --- Oh, dear :(

    Way to go Acme!! Good to see you get "Big Gator" award for top points this week. 🏆
  11. Whizzer

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Chicago

    7.5 Not bad considering the circumstances. There was an anxiety of rushing throughout the short time we saw racing that was driven by the weather and time limit. Could NASCAR Officials have done things a little differently? Possibly, but for the moment they did what they felt was right and as...
  12. Whizzer

    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Chicago

    Like the Lady said in the first post, I too, would give it an 11! And the gentleman posting, best race of the year, he's spot on!! It was, as we would say, "a real barn burner!" 10.
  13. Whizzer

    NitroDude's Racing Adventures

    Good job there, Nitro. Stuff them Jacksons in your pocket and get outa Dodge.
  14. Whizzer


    On one hand I like the strategy and suspense but like everything in life, the best doesn't always win. Bell was the best, Hamlin next and best finish was 12th. Thought Lajoie might pull it off but not to be.
  15. Whizzer


    Looks like a bad day for everybody. Many surprises at the finish although Logano is always a threat to win. Mixed emotions on full mileage races.
  16. Whizzer

    Storage building

    When we had our manufactured home re-sided, they stripped the aluminum siding and the contractor was asked if he were using osb or plywood as an underlayment for the siding. This unit, before Hurricane Ian selectively removed the aluminum siding in different locations, was left with only a...
  17. Whizzer

    Storage building

    Understand your frustration. I have grandiose plans with projects and start out with honorable intentions ....... until it gets warm, then hot, and those good intentions rapidly dissipate. What's a man to do living in Florida? Wasn't much better in North Carolina and the Adirondacks are out of...
  18. Whizzer

    SuperCar Sunday

    It is really hard to believe cars were that big. That '59 Caddy is a boat!! We had a 1967 Chrysler 300 tudor hardtop with 440 engine and that thing was fast and a monster in size. Trunk space out the kazoo. Took the rear seat out and put plywood cut to fit on floor, covered it with foam padding...
  19. Whizzer

    Storage building

    It's a sign of aging inactivity of muscles. Happens a lot and gets worse as you get older. I used to get cramps in my legs every night in middle of the night. Had to get up and use ice packs or try to walk it off but there were times they hurt so bad thought I'd be sick. Hopefully for you this...
  20. Whizzer

    Loudon results

    It's outa my hands and in the hands of five drivers and teams to keep those hounds at bay. Hopefully the mechanics will gum up the chain saw. As Yogi Berra once said, "No matter where you go, there you are." :cool:
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