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  1. DIDIT

    Kyle Larson Appreciation Thread

    Yes! I am not aware of any true NASCAR driver winning the Indy 500. If that happens (and even if it doesn't) I would argue he is the greatest driver of all time.
  2. DIDIT

    Bonehead of the week: Indy

    Is the 81 million record adjusted for inflation, population density and election day proximity or is it just a number used as a benchmark?
  3. DIDIT

    Bonehead of the week: Indy

    I am going with Biden, then NBC, then NASCAR Race Control, then the driver of the #8 car (can't remember his name).
  4. DIDIT

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Indy

  5. DIDIT

    Might be the end of Hooters in NASCAR.

    Fish Camp, any fish camp on a river is good enough for me.
  6. DIDIT

    Deegan update

    Oh come on now...down south its mustard fried catfish and grits!
  7. DIDIT

    Deegan update

    Interesting Logano said they were going to have a “seat open up” that doesn’t sound like hey we could use your help to assess our equipment for Hallie.
  8. DIDIT

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

  9. DIDIT

    World of Outlaws 2024

    Good start. This is the "Outlaws" hopefully they will soon make this January 1 - December 31.
  10. DIDIT

    Bonehead of the Race: Crashville

    Lots of back and forth here and I haven't read every statement made by all. I am not sure I see it as a "mistake". Sometimes you drive it in there thinking you can handle what happens. Larson does this all the time at the dirt tracks. He can run full bore through a large rut in a turn for 20...
  11. DIDIT

    2025 schedule news/rumors

    Moving Homestead to March would be assume! I could actually get down there for the race.
  12. DIDIT

    Report- Clash coming to Bowman Gray in 2025

    I wonder who will get tickets? Really think the demand will be quite high. While I prefer a Daytona Clash, this makes sense for a number of reasons. Goof choice.
  13. DIDIT

    Your collection

    Awesome… saw your Stroh’s sign My little Stroh’s garage collection.
  14. DIDIT

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Loudon

    4.20 it was a tough watch even though I recorded it.
  15. DIDIT

    Bonehead of the Week: New Hampshire

  16. DIDIT

    Silly Season 2025

    Where was that at? I missed it.
  17. DIDIT

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Iowa

  18. DIDIT

    Race Team Alliance Appreciation Thread

    Simple two fold question, why does a team need to make money and what constitutes making money?
  19. DIDIT

    Iowa Speedway Pre-Race Thread

    Went to Iowa about 12 years ago for an Xfinity race. I was very impressed with the "hospitality" at the track and what a great family atmosphere it was. I hope the Cup guys can put on a good race there.
  20. DIDIT

    2025 schedule news/rumors

    Having attended many races at mid Ohio I agree that the infrastructure is no where close to other road courses I been like Watkins Glen. If you look at mid Ohios schedule over the past 10 years it is on a downward spiral. Not sure where it will end up.
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