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  1. Mr. Gregory

    Matt Cappotelli, WWE Star and ‘Tough Enough’ Winner, Dies at 38

    I remember that name. He and John Hennigan (Johnny Nitro/John Morrison) won one of the editions of Tough Enough in the early 2000s. He apparently wrestled in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE's former developmental territory) for a while and was the heavyweight champion there at one point. He was...
  2. Mr. Gregory

    R.I.P. Craig Sager I haven't actively followed the NBA since the end of the 2008 season, so I didn't know Craig Sager had leukemia. I remember always seeing him on the sidelines with his wild looking suit jackets...
  3. Mr. Gregory

    Rate the race: Sonoma

    This race was a solid 9 for me. Plenty of action, battling, and passing all day. That's why Sonoma is my favorite track.
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