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  1. Brentford

    Man serves food to hungry cat!

    Not a joke or funny picture, but it's so cute! He treats the cat like a customer and it's as if he and the cat are having an actual conversation!
  2. Brentford

    What makes dirt tracks different?

    As the title states, what makes one track different from the other? Is it the same as with NASCAR such as track size, track surface condition and even the specific tracks fan experience? I'd also assume that competition might be different at certain tracks that offer a higher payout which...
  3. Brentford

    Bro, do you even race?

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up, but does anyone here actually race or have at least raced before? And I don't mean go-karts at the local amusement park.
  4. Brentford

    Solar Eclipse 2017!

    The eclipse will be happening on August 21st incase someone somehow hasn't heard yet. I hadn't seen a thread for this yet. Anyone plan on traveling to see it in totality? My dad and I plan on driving 1 1/2 hours to Beatric, NE to view the eclipse. A national monument there is apparently...
  5. Brentford

    Minor league sports

    Is anyone a regular fan at any of your local minor league events? I've never lived in a city with a professional team and I'm not much of a college sports fan, so I've always been a fan of minor league sports. Not to mention, they are much cheaper than professional games while still providing...
  6. Brentford

    Heartbreaking, to say the least! I really think this applies to many kids in school. So many kids go through school without having a single friend. And yes, the sad part is that quite often, the parent is completely unaware. Not everyone is super...
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