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  1. KTMLew01

    Funny Car Fire

    This one was terrifying.
  2. KTMLew01

    ARCA At Daytona

    Weather delay. Who woulda thunk...
  3. KTMLew01

    Old Modified Gets New Life!

    This is a very cool thread. I've only read a page or two. Great stuff.
  4. KTMLew01

    Tim "Hittman" Hitt I used to help Tim some on this car/team. He was an incredibly calm nice guy. His father had several heart attacks & a major bypass so not a complete shock to me. We only have so many days on this earth. Be kind to each other. This one hurts.
  5. KTMLew01

    Kansas has shut down racing due to Covid

    They finally shut down the race tracks. Guess maybe it isn't a hoax.
  6. KTMLew01

    Michael Waltrip Movie

    I tried the search. Big fail. Anyone know of a way to watch this documentary? Searching around on the net says it's available on itunes. Can't seem to make itunes work. HELP!!!
  7. KTMLew01

    New Smart TV

    I have twestions. Roku? Android? HDR? 4K? WTF? I've seen some mention having a browser included. is that actually desirable? I'm a cheap skate so not interested in spending more than maybe $350. Looking for a 50" TV. I sit about 6 feet from TV so don't need a billboard. Don't play games, have...
  8. KTMLew01


    Announcing new deal with Hodaka for $50,000,000.00 for 5 year development on 3/29/19. You read it here first. Stamp it! Or just watch on instagram @therealjs7.
  9. KTMLew01

    HUGE Crash in Macau.
  10. KTMLew01

    How to contact those that might matter?

    This crap with zooming in on the cars is pissing me off. BAD! It completely removes the speed of the cars when they focus in so closely. A post on twitter yesterday showing some of a Martinsville race from 1985 made the track look so much bigger. Now all you see is an occasional shot down the...
  11. KTMLew01

    Plate Engine Technology

    Just found this: I remember when they had trouble getting the engines to turn much over 7000 RPMs. Now they are turning nearly 9000. How do they turn that kind of RPM with no air? fast would they be running with 900 HP...
  12. KTMLew01

    Gen 7 Cup Car

    What do the critics of the current car want/see as an improvement? They are running 205 MPH into the turns at Texas & Michigan. We sure don't need more speed. I know some of you will say speed = racing. Do we need to start killing drivers again? I've seen a few complain about the cars being too...
  13. KTMLew01

    Change Racing Shut Down?

    The owner has taken a position in management at Penske Cup organization. Can't find any information showing Change Racing is continuing operations. Robbie Benton or as refer to him...the SOB that ruined my life. He stole my future ex-wife. Danielle Trotta.
  14. KTMLew01

    First vehicle I ever had that was drunk.

    I am an ASE Master Auto technician. This was a first. Little over 80% alcohol content in fuel. How does that happen? It was a flex fuel vehicle and customer ran E-85 from Sheets. Was kicking lean codes. Too much alcohol for computer to be able to adjust for. Crazy crap. Dropped tank and sucked...
  15. KTMLew01

    Team Tactics?

    Logano spins Kenseth couple seasons ago, removing potential championship contender. Nascar says it's perfectly acceptable and actually desirable. Was Hamlin wrecking Chase Elliot a strategic maneuver or just a guy going for a win? Is this what is now the new normal IE; do we expect/accept the...
  16. KTMLew01

    Will BK racing Finish Season?
  17. KTMLew01

    Subway out! Sports Report: Subway drops sponsorship of Daniel Suarez with one race left in deal Daniel McFadin,NBC Sports 2 hours 47 minutes ago Subway has dropped its sponsorship of Daniel Suarez and Joe Gibbs Racing’s...
  18. KTMLew01

    35 Car Cup Field Next Year?

    Sure doesn't look good for a bunch of major teams struggling for sponsorship. Won't surprise me to see another contraction of the series. We be heading to 30 car fields not too many years down the road.
  19. KTMLew01

    2017 Supercross Championship

    Tomac won 9 races but lost championship while being a douche'. Never liked seeing people use "the bumper" to pass. Dungey should have put him in the cheap seats after the second take-out attempt by Tomac. I hate that ****. Didn't like what Osborne did either in the 250 race. Guess i just don't...
  20. KTMLew01

    250 Supercross East-West Showdown

    I didn't know Kenseth was riding?:confused::eek::rolleyes::boxing:
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