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  1. Taco

    Why did the 17 put tape on the camera?

    Their's a thread on Reddit about the roof hatch. Seems strange to me.
  2. Taco

    John Hunter N

    Will someone break the news or I will.
  3. Taco

    Sounds like some gas guys are worried about their jobs

    Guy posts on ARFCOM and his screen name is mrnuke. He has a 58 page thread going over there.
  4. Taco

    Who is the better driver

    Kyle Busch or Martin Truex? I say Kyle Busch. Truex won the Championship because he had the dominate car. If you put Kyle and Truex in Identical car's, Kyle kicks Martins butt. So IMO the car won the Championship, not Martin.
  5. Taco

    Rolex infield parking

    Whats up with infield parking?
  6. Taco

    Erik Jones

    After watching his antics the last 2 weeks, I think he should have stayed in the lower series for another year. It also appears he has a depth perception problem. He has 78 equipment, so why is he 19th in points with 8 DNF's?
  7. Taco

    Top 10 Average Finishes (Career - active drivers) are as follows

    Johnson 12.3 Harvick 13.5 Hamlin 14.1 Kenseth 14.2 Brad K 14.4 Shrub 14.5 Chase E 15.0 Lagano 15.1 Larson 15.5 Junior/Bowyer 15.8
  8. Taco

    Ranking the 11 Most Intelligent Drivers in NASCAR Today

    From 2013.
  9. Taco

    What is Erik Jones saying

    as he sits in the corner drinking his milk?
  10. Taco

    Black Helicopters

    .......... And creating drama? My memory is a little fogy, but did the 2 team just get busted for the rear end alignment rule? What was the outcome of stepping over the line?
  11. Taco

    NASCAR Brats

    Junyer used the word " Brats" in is interview, who are they in NASCAR?
  12. Taco

    Mark Zuckerberg to the 5
  13. Taco

    Who is Derek Thorn?

    Whipped up on Kyle Busch and Erik Jones this weekend at the Winter Showdown.
  14. Taco

    Chevrolet engine's

    How long until its a joint effort from HMS and ECR, or would their be some kind of a buy out? Having two GM engine builders seems like a waste of money. Or will RCR become the new Mr Dodge?
  15. Taco

    Driver Appearance

    It seems very few try to look appealing to the fan base, does it mean anything?
  16. Taco

    Symbols on the 24 car

    The Blue and White X, and the Black and Yellow checkerboard, what do they represent? The test at Vegas.
  17. Taco

    Toyota's entry into Cup making many nervous

    Old article, but Jack was right.
  18. Taco

    New Truck Arm Rule Effective This Weekend

    Was this the JGR advantage?
  19. Taco

    NASCAR draft 2016

    A few surprises. 2016 2015 draft 2014 draft...
  20. Taco

    Gibbs Rear steering and other stuff

    Gasman on the 4 team Mrnuke You will need to have a account to read his 65 pages of posts.
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