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  1. Nitro Dude

    Dom Lagana is finally out of the hospital.

    Who would have thought driving a nitro top fuel car for many years and making the worlds fastest quarter mile pass clocking 4.48 et at 338 mph in Michigan...that he would have such a tragic accident driving home from a race in Indy that they had just won just 3 miles from his house. After his...
  2. Nitro Dude

    At the age of 24 has Chase Elliott gained a couple steps?

    To answer my own question, I would have to say absolutely. I don't expect everyone to agree with me but I think it is pretty safe to say we may be watching the next Jeff Gordon / Jimmie Johnson. With the popularity of Dale Earnhardt Jr and the driving ability of Jeff and Jimmie I think this...
  3. Nitro Dude

    Tony / Leah

    Finally it is not a secret anymore about their relationship. :)
  4. Nitro Dude

    A vey bad year for the Snap-on team.

    What a bad year for Cruz Pedregon and his Snap-on funny car team. Between the financial hit from the pandemic and having a fire in their shop a few months ago that destroyed a lot of parts and made a huge mess when the sprinklers went off, and then having the loss of their co- crew chief 2 weeks...
  5. Nitro Dude

    Eric Lane

    It breaks my heart that another great friend has been taken away way to early.:(
  6. Nitro Dude

    The four teams that will race for the Championship in Phoenix.

    I'm going with the.... 4--11--9--88.
  7. Nitro Dude

    A bad day for the girls.

    It was a dad day for Leah and Alexis in St Louis. Thank God they are ok.
  8. Nitro Dude

    Bowman to the 48.
  9. Nitro Dude

    Chad 2021

    It looks like Chad is moving on up in the HMS organization.
  10. Nitro Dude


    I think Roger Penske deserves a big accolade for purchasing, and then while there has been so much uncertainty in the world, still investing an enormous amount of money and hard work into upgrading and making IMS as nice a facility as he possibly could for the racers and fans. From the photos...
  11. Nitro Dude

    Practice vs No Practice

    Since yesterdays race went pretty good without any practice and they proved they can do it. I was just wondering what some of the fans opinions are on this subject. Do you think they would ever make this a norm for cost savings if it keeps going without any major problems and what are your...
  12. Nitro Dude

    2-x Top Fuel Champion Steve Torrence.

    Steve has had a couple of surprises in the works this year. Here is a link to a video from NHRA of him giving his dad a birthday present that brought tears to a few eyes. Then another video of him giving all of his guys championship rings...
  13. Nitro Dude

    Newman is returning

    He is back.
  14. Nitro Dude

    Nascar fans life style changes

    What kind of life style changes have you made and have you found yourself getting interested into things that you normally never did before this crisis happened? Because I'm home so much now, and because I'm on the computer and watching tv so much more then before, my sleeping clock has changed...
  15. Nitro Dude

    Race car haulers

    I thought maybe some of you might find these you tube videos of how the NASCAR teams operate their hauler program interesting. I also threw a drag racing you tube video in to show the difference between a stock operation and a drag racing team operation...
  16. Nitro Dude

    2020 Gas Prices

    I was thinking about Johali today and I remembered he usually started the gas price thread so I'm going to start it in his very missed absence. It has been a very long time since I have seen gas prices close to going under $3.00 a gallon in southern California. I have been paying $3.15 for the...
  17. Nitro Dude

    Turkey Night at the Beach

    Is there anyone else from RF going to the 79th annual Turkey Night Midget Grand Prix in Ventura Ca on Thanksgiving night? It has a pretty exciting entry list again this year. Last year Bell and Larson put on one hell of a show slide jobbing each other right to the finish with Bell coming out on...
  18. Nitro Dude

    Big Jim Dunns new Cattlemans Cut FC

    Here is a link that tells a little about our sponsor program and our new look this year.
  19. Nitro Dude

    The Lottery

    A man came home and asked his wife what she would do if he told her he had just won the Lottery. She said I would take half the money and leave your ass...So he handed her a ten dollar bill and said I just won twenty dollars so don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  20. Nitro Dude

    Worshams Margarita Mixer

    Del Worshams legendary Margarita Mixer has made it's way back to the World Finals again.:D
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