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  1. Spotter22

    Take a picture, I'm gonna criticize

    NASCAR. Reddick is right, this is really, really dumb.
  2. Spotter22

    I honor of Davey Allisons Birthday

    I present my favorite Picture. A fathers love knows no boundaries. Not sure why it didnt come up full image so click on pic
  3. Spotter22

    Slide Job!

  4. Spotter22

    Rain kills

    Jordan Andersons chances of qualifying for the xfinity race today. That really sucks for him.
  5. Spotter22

    Business is picking up!

  6. Spotter22

    Ty Dillon in the 23 for the Clash

    Good for Ty.
  7. Spotter22

    Way to go Texas

    Motor Speedway!
  8. Spotter22

    CGR announcement

    JPM on the road courses maybe?
  9. Spotter22

    AJ to run Cup Road course race

    Sorry if already posted
  10. Spotter22

    Auto Club out, Daytona road course in

    for 2021
  11. Spotter22

    Happy 83rd Birthday Bobby!

  12. Spotter22

    Had an old rival show up at the track today

    I know, I know its short track stuff but wanted to share
  13. Spotter22

    Red Farmer

    Good news , Red Farmer has been released from the Hospital after 5 days in Sept after battling Covid-19 and will be racing this weekend at Talladega short track if he feels well enough after the heat race. 88 years old and has survived major crashes, a helicopter crash that took Davey and now...
  14. Spotter22

    Bubba, Denny and Mike

    Evidently its a done deal
  15. Spotter22

    Come on over to the ARCA section

    Good race and Deegan is leading after dumping the leader again
  16. Spotter22

    ARCA at I-44

    Deegan back to her old tricks running over the leader.
  17. Spotter22

    This Arca race is a

    Boooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggggg event. They do NOT need to be on a track this size. Running 25 seconds down in 30 laps isnt teaching you a thing.
  18. Spotter22

    Charlie Powell

    Former Racer and Track promoter for Summerville Speedway, I-95 Speedway (Florence Speedway) passed today from Covid 19. He was 83 years old. He was Father to Winston Racing Series National Champion Robert Powell and 2 Time Winston Racing Series Southeast Champion Charles Powell III. Charlie had...
  19. Spotter22

    This needs to be dealt with

    Micheal Ruch snuck a bunch of cops in at Texas circumventing Covid 19 testing and NASCAR found them and took them out. This website article is full of lies and distortions. Ruch should never be allowed in the garage area again even if he pays his 10,000 fine...
  20. Spotter22

    No Truck thread? Ok start here! RACE thread -- Atlanta

    If i glossed over missed it delete this post
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