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  1. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2021 - Daytona #1

    You guys are right Ragan said last years Daytona would be his last, and I call myself a nascar fan lol
  2. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2021 - Daytona #1

    I didn‘t realize this was David Ragans last race.
  3. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2021

    I’m in. Thanks again pjmolo and good luck everyone.
  4. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Phoenix #2

    Congratulations dirtfan, thanks again pjmolo
  5. DC76

    Johali's Rate the Championship Cup race

    6 Except for the final 4 didn't seem like there was any racing Chase and the 9 team earned the win, would of liked to have seen how chase would have done with someone on his bumper in the last few laps. If the end of stage 2 would have been the final stage I don't think the 9 lets the 2 be in...
  6. DC76

    Kyle Larson Appreciation Thread

    Hopefully his other arm will be holding his steering wheel out the window doing a victory burnout
  7. DC76

    Kyle Larson Appreciation Thread

    Thank you, Hendrick I'm excited that Larson is back. Been a fan of his for a long time the kid can flat out drive. Part of me wishes he was with shr only because he and Elliott have all the makings to be a great rivalry and rivalries are always better when you're not teammates.
  8. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Charlotte #3

    Charlotte Roval - Chase Elliott
  9. DC76

    Johali's Rate the cup race --- Talladega

    9 I thought the racing was pretty good throughout the whole race. Didn't care for nascars judgement calls at the end, but what I hated the most is watching a driver ride around in the back almost the whole race when there car is perfectly capable of running up front
  10. DC76

    Johali's Rate the Cup race

  11. DC76

    Johali's Rate the Race --- Talladega

    9 good racing, different pit strategies big moves without the big wrecks
  12. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Homestead

    My memory isn't as good as it use to be, but I don't think Clutch was outside the top 5 all last year. Thanks again pjmolo and thanks to all those who play.
  13. DC76

    All star race to bristol

    That's awesome I wouldn't mind them moving it around
  14. DC76

    Car numbers on rear quarter panels

    I prefer it on the door, but it won't bother me if they change it. Especially if it will help the 18 see when he is clear
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