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    I did t know Carl Edwards owned a record label and had a rap group lol..
  2. Thegeneral23

    Are all the teams merging together??

    Is this alliance thing getting out of hand? If not can someone please make me understand how it isn’t please lol.. it seem like all these teams are basically the same damn team now.. now you got Richard petty teaming up with Chevy .. there goes another ford team with another Chevy in the field...
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    People that have been can you guys give me some insight on the track please? i have HOT PASSES do i really need to buy tickets to sit in stands? If so would i be able to see the whole track from row 18 start finish line ? The stands kinda look setup like Daytona where they raised the grandstands..
  4. Thegeneral23


    These 2 will battle it out for the chip! Who do you think has the best chance to win and why?? OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD!!
  5. Thegeneral23

    Richard Petty

    Can someone please explain to me why is he the (KING)? I know he won a billion races. But the dude car was 5x better than everybody else's at the time.. dude was lapping the second place car by laps and 3rd place car by even more than that..I just got into this sport not even 2 years ago. it's...
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    Hey guys and girls.. I was kinda low on funds because of planning my trip to the championship in Miami , but live in Charlotte and would hate to miss the race! :( Do anyone have a voucher from the game they not going to use?? I would greatly appreciate it. You can DM me with info. Once again...
  7. Thegeneral23

    NASCAR killing the sport / NOT NASCAR

    What I'm learning about NASCAR fans are that they really don't know as much about the sport as they think they do lol.. I have been to 7 races in the past year and some change and I have talked to a lot of fans at the tracks I been to.. i did this more when I first got into the sport to learn...
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    Why do people complain all the time about the new point system? and then say if they bring the old point system back NASCAR will be great again and it will bring back all the fans.. was it really that much better? I feel like if you like the sport you like the sport no matter what.
  9. Thegeneral23

    Are all drivers best friends these days??

    are all drivers best friends THESE DAYS?!! Man it seem like all of them are just to friendly.. everybody laughing and hugging each other before the race, playing with each other kids.. going to ride bikes together and riding planes together smh.. you got them broadcasting shows together, I want...
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    I got two hot passes! I was wondering what are the benefits with a hot pass? Anybody that ever had one can you let me know what you can and can't do ..
  11. Thegeneral23


    I got into NASCAR about a year 1/2 ago and to be honest.. I really have no clue why I picked Kyle Busch lol.. I use to just hear the name a lot, so I did some research and saw he drove the m&m's car and I love that paint scheme.. so I made him my driver.. but once the season started i notice...
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