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  1. Fordracing7

    2020 Preseason Preview 29th & 28th

    Some may be interested to see preseason Previews and Predictions therefore I will be releasing one a day until the cars hit the track in Daytona. All sources from Finishing 29th in points (2019 Finish 27th) Michael McDowell 34 Front Row Motorsports Ford Mustang Birth Date...
  2. Fordracing7

    2020 Preseason Preview 30th

    Some may be interested to see preseason Previews and Predictions therefore I will be releasing one a day until the cars hit the track in Daytona. All sources from Honorable Mentions These are the chartered teams that typically will split the seats between multiple drivers and...
  3. Fordracing7

    Need some help

    I tentatively plan on doing some sort of driver preview for the top 30 full-time drivers in the cup series for 2020. I plan on starting this sometime after New Year's and before the season starts and doing one driver per day in order of how I predict their season will go. But I want your...
  4. Fordracing7

    Harvick has the momentum!

    People just because the 11 won today doesn't mean he is hottest driver of late. Here are the stats!!!
  5. Fordracing7

    What is your "home track"?

    Speaking as far as current cup series tracks. Everyone loves the joke about MTJs home track being I thought it would be fun to see where everyone is from and what the consider their home track to be. @Clutch sorry bud auto club maybe? lol. I live in southern Minnesota so I...
  6. Fordracing7

    Go Kyle!

    Go Kyle!
  7. Fordracing7

    RIP David Pearson

    I don't have a source yet but I just heard that David Pearson passed away may he rest in peace. A true legend.
  8. Fordracing7

    Avatar change???

    So I doubt anybody has noticed this, but the last two weeks before the race I have changed my avatar picture. Before Martinsville I changed it to Joey Logano, and before Texas I changed it to Kevin Harvick. Would I say I'm directly responsible for winning those races...... probably
  9. Fordracing7

    Four door Mustang
  10. Fordracing7

    That Jones Boy

    Kid does a good job he usually takes care of his stuff and he put himself in a position to win Saturday night, good job! Plus his hat he was wearing Saturday night was bad ass I want one. Lol. And don't call me a hypocrite as many of you know my daily driver is a Toyota LOL.
  11. Fordracing7

    Congrats Bowyer!!!

    Congrats Clint,SHR,Ford this is for all those who say he doesnt deserve to be where he is!!!
  12. Fordracing7

    I think Ryan Blaney is my new favorite driver...

    As a Ford fan you cheer for all the teams in your manufacture but you typically have one favorite over the past few years it's been Brad Keselowski before that it was Carl Edwards before him Matt Kenseth and anybody who drove the 28 car. But I've really grown to like Ryan Blaney that guy is as...
  13. Fordracing7

    Trevor Bayne....MS

    As a Ford fan as a roush fan it's very frustrating to see what has happened to that team over the years. Personally I feel like I'm probably pretty hard on Trevor Bayne and it's pretty upsetting I was just wondering if his Ms has anything to do with his lack of ability or if he is as good as he...
  14. Fordracing7

    Kurt Busch out at SHR after 2017
  15. Fordracing7

    Manufacture war

    Toyotas dominated yesterday with 6 in the top ten. Ford was ok with 3 cars finishing in the top ten and the 4,14 & 2 running towards the front all day. Only one Chevy in the top 10 and the 42,48, and 1 all had trouble. It's been a struggle lately for me as a fan considering the fords showed...
  16. Fordracing7

    Playoff bubble

    With 6 races to go until the playoffs begin here's your updated playoff bubble....yes I know nbc does this during the race....and yes I know the points are confusing to pay attention to. Overall current points position(playoff) 4. (13) Kyle Busch +140 7. (14) Jamie Mcmurray +66 8. (15) Chase...
  17. Fordracing7

    Dodge won't return to NASCAR
  18. Fordracing7


    It's ok bring I'll probably get some hate for starting this thread in June but Silly season looks to be heating up.... Possible free agents 1 Mcmurray....predict stays 2 Keselowski hope he stays HMS only option 5 Kahne things could change here 10 Almirola/Stenhouse/Buescher/defunct some many...
  19. Fordracing7

    What kind of car do you drive?

    Obviously the original intent for a manufacture involvement besides beating the other guy was to win on Sunday sell on Monday! I'm curious because we are your typical fan what kind of car do you drive? I'm a Ford guy obviously and I have my reasons but these are my cars.. 05 Toyota Avalon my...
  20. Fordracing7

    All-Star fan vote

    Just curious if other people are voting for the All-Star Race and who are they voting for yesterday before the race I voted for one Ricky Stenhouse Jr I guess that was a wasted vote so today I voted for Clint Bowyer.
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