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    Mike Galley Powernation

    Anybody have a clue what happened to him? I realize he’s been replaced but, in previous hosts departures, there’s been a token 30 second “I’m moving on” at the end of an episode. In his case.....poof! been watching the various gearhead shows since the TNN days and Mike has been around...
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    Crash Stats for 2020

    I’ve gleaned from this data that cup drivers wreck, a lot. indycar drivers do not. though I’m thoroughly shocked that stenhouse did lead the pack pulling away...
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    Fun thread....I hope the guy from page one with the Buick GN still has it... In order- 72 Chevy Kingswood SW, grandfather’s old car, rear was in its own zip code. Had dreams of yanking out a 454 and putting that into something better. Imagine my horror when I opened the hood.....looked around...
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    Talladega YellaWood 500 (Pre-Race)

    its what I used to call vickers while at HMS....seemed like every time another driver would be a threat to jeffie or jimmie he’d wreck or have some form of contact with them. In reality it probably only happened once or twice, but the monicker stuck. And I’ve never forgiven him for taking out...
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    Talladega YellaWood 500 (Pre-Race)

    lol You just had to put the TCR jam car driver in there...didn’t you?
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    Hendrick fined $100,000

    me too, especially when he had robin miller on.
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    Bubba, Denny and Mike

    If Jordan stays out of personnel decisions and keeps his input to $$$, this endeavor may work right out of the gate.
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    2021 Silly Season

    I know current talk is about a Wallace...but another Wallace got booted for some social media post nascar deemed offensive. I haven’t seen post in question, does anybody know what he wrote that got him in time-out?
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    Labbe/DGM death sentence

    the rule book is being rewritten as I type this. Makes me think of Evernham’s story on a dale jr episode. he was tell the t-Rex story...said meeting with Bill France...explained to him car was legal and didn’t break any rules, said France took a drag of his cigarette and said “won’t be...
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    DAYTONA Road Course - Go Bowling 235

    In my early nascar fandom I loathed road I wish they had more. Which is sort of funny now that I type that. NASCAR I was all about fast and left..yet, I loved the IMSA GTP series at the same time. Al Holbert, group 44 jags, any 956/962..etc. Le Mans was must see tv when it was on.
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    NASCAR working on minority exposure

    Supertrain! Lmao! Not many on here probably get that one.
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    All star race to bristol

    Underglow....I love it! Why not complete the look with giant fart can exhaust tips? next year maybe a 70s vibe? Curb feelers, ground straps and louvers for the back glass?
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    Most Unsual Thing You've Ever Seen at the Track

    where is baps speedway? I swear I saw this guy, and his pet, at Lincoln speedway in abbottstown pa about 4 years ago. I remember vividly seeing him and going—-holy crap?! There’s hulk hogan holding a dinosaur! talked with him briefly, funny dude. Said the lizard slept in the bed with him.:oops:
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    Not a hate crime....

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    Not a hate crime....

    I currently live in PA, was born and raised in VA. I’ve seen more stars and bars living in PA the past 7 years than I ever saw in VA my entire life. Someone explain that.
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    Not a hate crime....

    While racism is still a problem here, no argument from me on that issue, noosegate has obviously opened up a Pandora’s box on what is/could be considered a racist statement and, how to initially address it. nascar handled it poorly, haphazardly, in an attempt to ensure no negative light...
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    Not a hate crime....

    oh good grief man? If that was the only loop/noose on a stall door...and it magically appeared this past weekend....I think we all would be marching in lockstep with you. it wasn’t, and isn’t, the only loop on a door rope and its one of many that have been there for years. that being the...
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    Not a hate crime....

    This has been interesting, and the initial thread reporting the “noose”. Garage walkthrough video on prior page shows other “nooses” as well as big knots on the door rope....all used - I assume! lol - as a means to easily grab ahold of said ropes and pull the door down. Big knots....smaller...
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    days of thunder car for sale!

    Seller, and car, are in Japan?
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    The phenomenon of title contenders winning the final race.

    Had to laugh. Thought of this thread while watching race, somewhere around lap 150/175, don’t remember. the fab 4 were running P1-4. If not for pit cycles/strategy, and the Trollex crew botching a stop, they probably wouldn’t have been more than a few positions apart the entire race. lol
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