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  1. jaqua19

    A pointless thread/lol

    I'm watching the 07 Bristol cup race in the spring. With about 81 laps to go, the race restarted. Half a lap later, NASCAR throws a yellow for debris on the front stretch. At Bristol. 7 seconds after the restart. How do you miss this? Lol. Feel free to lock. That is all :) Sent from my...
  2. jaqua19

    JGR Stable

    Seeing Ty Gibbs show out is making me question who will end up at JGR once Hamlin and Truex move on? Kraus won a championship in the K&N West series, Gibbs inevitably will be driving for JGR. What does the JGR lineup look like 7 years from now in your opinion. I'm guessing something along...
  3. jaqua19

    NASCAR Racing Forums: Top 15 Peaks Project ( Modern era: 1972-present) #3

    Thanks for your participation guys. Seems like Dale Sr. in 87 takes #2. Updated List: 1. Jeff Gordon - 1998 2. Dale Earnhardt - 1987 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15 Im torn between 81 DW and 2007 JJ. DW's season was overall more statistically dominant (laps lead is absurd). But...
  4. jaqua19

    NASCAR Racing Forums: Top 15 Peaks Project (1972-present) #2

    The first thread gained more traction than I anticipated! Let's keep it up. Updated List: 1. Jeff Gordon - 1998 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15 I have having a tough time deciding between 87 Dale and 81 DW. I think 07 Jimmie is in the mix as well. That said, I have a hard...
  5. jaqua19

    NASCAR Racing Forum's: 15 Best Peaks Project (Modern Era) #1

    I've decided to go ahead with this. Each new thread will be for a new spot, and including the ranking thus far. I really hope this picks up some traction. No debate, just tell me who you think had the best season of the modern era. The next thread will be for spot #2. I will start it by...
  6. jaqua19

    NASCAR Racing Forum's Modern Era Best Peak and Prime Project

    I've seen something similar on realgm's NBA forum, and I wonder if people here would be interested in participating in a little forum project where we create the forum's consensus peak and prime rankings? We could rank a top 10, 15, or top 20, or even top 25. Depending on how many want to...
  7. jaqua19

    The Blue Deuce

    Feel free to merge this with an appropriate thread. My buddy and I were having a silly season discussion. He thinks that Brad K is going to end up in the 48, that Blaney will get moved over to the 2, and Matty D will end up in the 12 due to an already existing alliance with Penske. Thoughts...
  8. jaqua19

    Derek Kraus

    Thoughts on Kraus? NASCAR K&N West champion? He's what, 16? 17? It's too early to predict anything, but the last year I've felt that it feels almost right for him to inevitably end up in the 18 when Kyle hangs it up.... Or starts a cup team ;) Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  9. jaqua19

    Tony Stewart among all time greats

    My recent comments in the JJ retirement thread inspired this post. I can't believe how Tony's placement among the greats has been forgotten due to his heavy decline. This is the guy many of you considered the best driver in NASCAR for almost a decade. 3x champ, won titles for 2 different...
  10. jaqua19

    Penske Changing it Up

    Wow, Separating Brad and Wolfe? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  11. jaqua19

    Just a fun realization about the last 15 years..

    Has anyone else taken a second to realize that we've witnessed 4 of the 10 greatest drivers of all time race against each other in their (arguable) primes? Gordon, Stewart, Johnson and Busch. Has there ever been a time period where this many of the best raced each other while they were all in...
  12. jaqua19

    Raceview to shut down in 2020

    Did anyone else use raceview? I was devastated by this news. I used Raceview for every single race since 2005. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  13. jaqua19

    Interesting realization about the championship weekend

    Not sure if this is thread worthy, but all 3 series had repeat champions. Has that happened before? Also, more: Busch: Toyota Reddick: Chevy Crafton: Ford
  14. jaqua19

    Carl Edwards

    Anyone surprised that Carl hasn't run an Xfinity or a truck race since retiring? He said multiple times he isn't "retiring". Also, seeing him at Texas in 2018 here and talking about missing it, I'm wondering if Carl's decision wasn't fully his. Maybe there was a family discussion. Don't know...
  15. jaqua19

    Will Kyle Busch Break DW's Bristol Record?

    Kyle has 8 wins there and needs to win 5 more times to become the all time winner at Bristol. Would be pretty cool to see another driver have the most success at the track. It took Kyle 15 years to win 8 times. Assuming he has another 7-10 years left (I'm of the group that Kyle won't race deep...
  16. jaqua19

    Cole Custer

    I know it's a bit premature for a driver thread, as he's not a cup driver. However, he inevitably will be, and he will likely be in a top tier ride for SHR. I'm wondering what everyone here sees in his future. Does Custer show the talent of an inevitable cup champion? Or will he ride around on...
  17. jaqua19

    Erik Jones Appreciation Thread

    Winner at Daytona and now Darlington! Hope he stays in the 20. His VL interview did it for me. I'm totally a fan of the kid Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  18. jaqua19

    Cody Ware's struggles

    Saw his most recent tweet thread. That's aweful. Brave of him to come forth with his struggles. I can't imagine what it's like for him to receive death threats and suicide encouragement. He's been clinically treated for his mental health, these threats probably hit harder for him than they...
  19. jaqua19

    Just a statistic I've noticed...

    Since 2015.. let's look at the most consistent drivers and teams.. Harvick, Truex, Busch, Logano. Harvick has had TWO seasons with over 26 top 10s. 2015: 3/23/28 2018: 8/23/29 Kyle Busch with one 2018: 8/22/28 (same season as Harvick) Logano with one 2015: 6/22/28 (Two other 26 top 10...
  20. jaqua19

    Most entertaining drivers with the media of all time

    Haven't this this discussed much, but who would you say have been the most entertaining drivers behind the microphone for you through out the history of the sport? My personal top 10 (not sure about the order) 1. Kyle Busch 2. Tony Stewart (I find these two absolutely hilarious and have spent...
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