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    Dale jr podcast

    I'm all for a dirt race on a dirt track. Get rid of a pocono race or new hampshire or one of the cookie cutter 1.5s to make room for it on the schedule. Neither bristol race should be on dirt.
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Atlanta

    You don't retaliate on pit road with pit crews around.
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    Truck RACE thread --- Atlanta

    Almost seemed like busch let nemechek win the stages since they meant nothing for him!
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    The Attendance Thread

    NYS is allowing outdoor sports venues to have fans at 20% of capacity. Not gonna be a lot of fans at the glen but there will be some.
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    The Attendance Thread

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    The Attendance Thread

    Why not fans at the glen? NYS is allowing fans into nhl and nba games indoors so why wouldn't they allow fans outdoors at Watkins glen?
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    I honor of Davey Allisons Birthday

    Davey was the first driver I rooted for back when I was 7.
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    Kyle Busch appreciation thread

    To each their own, she doesn't really do much for me.
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    Glad it's a 3 pm start time to West Coast can watch rain delay

    Yes, it is florida where the thunderstorms normally come thru in the late afternoon.
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    Superstar Racing Experience

    Maybe they asked those guys and they declined.
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    You didn't miss much, I recorded it and when I watched it I fast forwarded more than half of it.
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    Determining a Champion

    You seem to be the one stuck in the past!
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    Singer Pitbull takes Ownership Role at Trackhouse Racing

    He is trying to make money and sex sells, can't really fault him for that.
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    Car numbers on rear quarter panels

    Exactly, who cares where the number is, the number changes nothing. It's not like adding racing stripes, those give you an extra 15 hp!
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    The Announcers Thread

    I would have to disagree, I'm quite looking forward to clint in the booth, it's gonna be quite funny with conversations always heading to left field.
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Well that is just retarded!
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    What is the r word?
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    Hendrick signs Larson

    Well at least they recently passed the enhanced unemployment so he will get an extra $300 in his check!
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