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  1. Team Penske

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Talladega #1

    I don't see Juniors name on the list.
  2. Team Penske

    2022 Silly Season

    You could be right, he does have other business interests.
  3. Team Penske

    2022 Silly Season

    The win today should help him.
  4. Team Penske

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2021 - Richmond #1

    That what I thought and look what Brad K. did to me. M original thought was 48 :owquitit:
  5. Team Penske

    Cup RACE thread --- Richmond

    As usual Hamlin choked. All day he starts from the top lane, then on the final start he takes the bottom. :owquitit:
  6. Team Penske

    Practice/No Practice Thread

    I like the idea of a 30 min practice for all cars. Not so much to get the car right but at least know where it is at.
  7. Team Penske

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    I still think he deserves to be HOF.
  8. Team Penske

    The Attendance Thread

    They already do that for entre into the school system. You may want to express your rights to not prevent the spread however I suggest they go back to having leper colonies for those people.
  9. Team Penske

    NASCARs Lost Dirt Super Speedway

    Studded tires are the law in certain areas at specific times of the year. I wouldn't drive without them and I am sure a Nascar race on packed surface would be great with studded tires.
  10. Team Penske

    '21 Generation 7 Car news

    Lots of trunk room up front.
  11. Team Penske

    JRM and Josh to Cup?

    That has me perplexed but we did see Dale own and race 2 cars while he drove for another. All I can say is you can't disqualify a person for the investments they make.
  12. Team Penske

    JRM and Josh to Cup?

    I think JRM is where they are at because of the information going into the #5 car. Same deal makes JGR so strong in Xfinity.
  13. Team Penske

    Practice/No Practice Thread

    Race what you qualified with??
  14. Team Penske

    '21 Generation 7 Car news

    I wonder what model Mercedes will be bringing. Do they have a car that fits the same bill as the Camaro or Mustang?
  15. Team Penske

    I created a spreadsheet, and formula to rank the final 10 races of every champion since 2004. Formula, spreadsheet and comments below. Discuss!

    I would really like to know how you define a top 10 run? A top 5 run means you finished 5th or better. So does a top 10 run also include top 5 finishes OR finishes between 6th to 10th??
  16. Team Penske

    Bubba, Denny and Mike

    They will be leaving Toyota and will be the first team for Mercedes new Cup entre. The second car will be driven by Louis Hamilton.
  17. Team Penske

    JRM and Josh to Cup?

    Y'all do realize that nothing has changed so Jr can't go cup as long as he has Rick as a partner in one of his cars.
  18. Team Penske

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2021 - Martinsville #1

    I think I have done quite well having no picks from the top 15 yet. I guess I could gamble using a driver for next week that has a realistic chance of a top 5 or win. Any suggestions?
  19. Team Penske

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Martinsville

    9 All races would be better with only 30 cars in the race. 31 to 44 or who ever shows up could race for 30 laps to see who makes the main event as number 31.
  20. Team Penske

    How about some love for stenhouse

    The only whipping I saw was for being over aggressive when he didn't have the car. I think if he had gotten Jones ride at JGR, he would still be there.
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