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    2021 IndyCar Miscellaneous Thread

    Helio in a fulltime ride. I'm in heaven.
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    Been busy as of late...

    That is wonderful. Just do not let the new job interfere with your posting in the Imsa forum
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    IMSA 2021

    They are probably lost.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Loudon

    She certainly has the pontoons for wet weather.
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    Truck Race thread --- Knoxville

    Norm heroically finished 19th. When was the last time that happened!
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    Cup RACE thread --- Atlanta

    Look, my team just lost its biggest football(soccer) match in 55 years and I can't think straight. Pearson was a good-looking son of a gun, wasn't he.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Atlanta

    Who is the silver fox?
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Road America

    8. You know what? Those drivers work their socks off wrestling around those turns.
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    2021 Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio

    Ugh. Newgarten: the cure for insomnia when he speaks.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Road America

    Dear Ryan Newman: you were 22nd last week. Must do better. Love, Barbara. P.S.: the throttle is the pedal on the right. The throttle is your friend.
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    Ganassi leaving NASCAR, selling team to Trackhouse

    Worried about Kurt....
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    IMSA 2021

    Didit said there is a race this weekend. Blame him
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    IMSA 2021

    @Kiante and @FLRacingFan : would someone post the schedule and entry list. This phone sucks.
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    Jockey Made In America 250 Prerace Thread

    Am I correct in assuming this is a motorcar race named after underwear? Miss Charles does not approve.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono, No. 2

    Dear Ryan Newman: do not pull any clown moves as you did yesterday or I will smack your face with a dead fish. A cold dead fish. Love, Barbara
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    SRX RACE thread --- Eldora

    Seeing Helio on a dirt track is not something I thought I would ever see.
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    Truck RACE thread --- Pocono

    Norm report: not only did our hero finish running, he beat out 3 other running trucks.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono, No. 1

    R. Newman is respectable 10th. Don't blow it, Ryan.
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