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  1. AdoubleU24

    Cup Playoff/Final 4 Predictions

    One of my favorite threads of the year. Surprise early exit? Dark horse that could make a deep run? Who's actually in the final 4, and can anyone upset Harv and Hambone? Let's hear it!
  2. AdoubleU24

    Blink of an Eye

    Just got back from the theater. There was only one showing and it was tonight at 7. Nearly sold out!! I couldn't believe it for here where I live but I was so happy to see it. Movie was very good, and very touching. We've all heard tidbits of the story of that particular day in 2001 from a lot...
  3. AdoubleU24

    Uh Oh...Cheater cheater pumpkin eater...L1 for the 4 team
  4. AdoubleU24

    The Final 4 - Who Ya Got?!

    Figured I'd get the ball rolling on this a little early. The 16 is pretty much locked in, very unlikely that one of the guys on the fringe pulls the miracle today/tomorrow and gets in, but if you think they do then feel free to put them in your 4 if you want to look completely crazy ;) My 4: 2...
  5. AdoubleU24

    Reddit Police at it Again - This Time it's the 78 Team

    This reminded me so much of Chase's crew and their sketchy body language during tape-gate at Chicago last year in the playoffs.
  6. AdoubleU24

    Danica Patrick won’t return to Stewart-Haas in 2018

    Let's see where this goes - this thread could be a slippery slope...
  7. AdoubleU24

    NASCAR Considering Removal of Jackmen?

    Heard some crapola on Sirius XM on my drive home from work today that they're floating the idea of installing an air jack system on the cars and eliminating the jackmen from pit stops entirely. You know, that whole cost cutting/safety thing we can't stop hearing about. :rolleyes::confused:o_O...
  8. AdoubleU24

    Penske to Expand to 3rd Team in 2018

    Surprise, surprise! Menard, though?? :eek::confused:
  9. AdoubleU24

    Adam Stevens vs #78 Pit Crew

    Adam you might wanna find a seat son. Soon... Cowboy. LOL
  10. AdoubleU24

    Fanvision Scanners

    I was recently gifted a Fanvision scanner about a month ago after absolutely loving the one I used in Atlanta this past March for the first time. It came with a free 1 week activation (it's usually $18-$20 per race for weekend activation), so I got to use it for the first time this past weekend...
  11. AdoubleU24

    Coke 600 Will Feature 4 Segments

    What a joke. LOL "make a few more momemts." The annual 600-mile race, scheduled May 28 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, will feature four stages. Breaks are scheduled at Lap 100, Lap 200 and Lap 300, with the final stage set to end at the full 400-lap distance. The previous format for this year’s...
  12. AdoubleU24

    Is it Time to Mandate Air Conditioning in These Cars?

    Currently this is an option for all race teams, and of course, due to added weight, reduced aero advantages, etc. the teams choose not to use them in their cars. So I ask - is it time to require them? And I simply ask this with the health and safety of the drivers in mind. These guys look flat...
  13. AdoubleU24

    What about the trophy?

    We're less than a month away from the Daytona 500, and we've not seen or heard anything regarding the championship trophy for the cup series. Does it stay the same or will we get something new?
  14. AdoubleU24

    Have Teams Found the Lost Downforce?

    So we all saw the race this past Saturday, and we all saw the dreaded aero push rear its ugly head again for really the first time this season. Most of us would equate this to the fact that it was a night race on a newer racing surface that hasn't lended itself to much tire wear over the...
  15. AdoubleU24

    Radioactive 2016

    Since we had a thread for these prior to the board going down I figured this past week's crazy race was a perfect reason to start it back up! Lot of guys not too pleased with the rookie in the 24 on Sunday. Kind of surprising.
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