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  1. SpeedPagan

    Stupid question is stupid: Renting a car

    My brother, dad & I got to talking last night about the 600cc Micros I saw on Wednesday night. Somehow the conversation got around to it being a good series for me to get into because the motors they run (motorcycle motors) are bullet proof. So now I'm actually looking into seeing how much...
  2. SpeedPagan

    Race pics & experience

    So last night I went to Millbridge Speedway in my adopted hometown. There were three classes: Jr Sprint (elementary school kids), Intermediate Sprint which is a slightly bigger sprint kart & the 600 Micros. The Jrs actually put on a good show in their feature. The kart that won didn't do...
  3. SpeedPagan

    Rate the Race: All Star - Texas

    1/10 Just, way too many gimmicks. C'mon NASCAR, bring back the 900 hp engines, the low downforce and let teams battle it out for 400 laps with no stage breaks.
  4. SpeedPagan

    Bonehead of The Week: Kansas

    Before the bull**** tire caution, my vote would've been for Ryan Newman's team for flaring out his car's body, not realizing that NASCAR watches these pit stops like a hawk now. However, my vote would 100% have to go to that bull**** tire caution. NASCAR introduce stages so that they can...
  5. SpeedPagan

    Banner size limit

    Can we get a limit on banner size, some of the posters on here have forum banners (signature) that are just ridiculously big.
  6. SpeedPagan

    Netflix's The Crew

    Has anyone watched this new Netflix series? I watched the first episode and that was enough for me. I just didn't find it funny, like at all. It was poorly edited and the sets looked cheaply made. Honestly, was anyone asking for a comedy show about a NASCAR team? I don't really remember...
  7. SpeedPagan

    How long does Lionel take?

    Back in June of 2020, I ordered a Bubba Wallace #BLM car (let's keep politics out of this please) and it's been on "Waiting for fulfillment" ever since then. How long does it take for Lionel to ship out online orders?
  8. SpeedPagan

    Trains, at night!

    Last night I went to a photoshoot session at the North Carolina Transportation Museum where I was able to get tons of pictures of not only the Queen of Steam, Norfolk & Western #611. But also Southern Railway's #6133, an FP7A unit.
  9. SpeedPagan

    Which gimmick worked, which didn't.

    Didn't work: The under-glow: Honestly I found the under-glow to be half-assed. I was expecting Kurt Busch's at the burn-out in Nashville level of under-glow. However, we just got a half-assed attempt, might as well not done it at all Choose Cone (parts): Now I liked the idea of the Choose...
  10. SpeedPagan

    Quaker State 400 Bonehead

    I'm going to go with Jimmie Johnson. He obviously had a race winning car, but decided to be stupid and tried to block Kezlowski and got spun.
  11. SpeedPagan

    Stupid guy with a stupid question

    In dirt racing, what is a metric car, and how does this differentiate from other dirt cars?
  12. SpeedPagan

    Season 3 2020 build

    This week, iRacing came out with their 2020 Season 3 build. Included in this build is the NASCAR 1987 cars, The Chevy Monte Carlo and the Ford Thunderbird. The Chevy Monte Carlo was from Dale Sr's Wrangler #3 and the Ford Thunderbird was from Bill Elliot's record setting #9. I of course went...
  13. SpeedPagan

    eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series 2020 Season

    First race of 20 is airing right now.
  14. SpeedPagan

    Opinion: It’s Time to Consider Time Limits for Short Track Races How big of a problem is this in the short track scene? I can really only recall one race at Carolina Speedway and one race at the Charlotte Dirt Track where they had a class that was just one caution after...
  15. SpeedPagan

    iRacing (Sim Racing) Controversy

    So apparently, people are just really really bored during this off-season and Daytona can't come soon enough. It all started with this tweet from a Modified race car driver. There was a tweet attributed to Brian Keslowski that equated sim racers to school shooters, but that turned out to...
  16. SpeedPagan

    ARCA Open Test at Daytona Set for Friday and Saturday
  17. SpeedPagan

    NASCAR reveals pit stop rules changes for select Xfinity, Gander Trucks races My first question is, what is a quickie yellow?
  18. SpeedPagan

    DirtVision Subscription

    I've been eyeing the DirtVision Subscription and was wondering if it was worth it. Has anyone tried it out yet?
  19. SpeedPagan

    Junior Johnson has passed away at age 88.
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