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  1. Spotter22

    Mike Wheeler out for Bubba Wallace, Bootie Barker in.

    Didnt see this coming. Maybe Wheels will work with Kurt next year
  2. Spotter22

    Chevy, Ford and Toyota at Daytona

    Game planning to draft with manufacturer teammates who are outside the cut? Hendrick - Dillon/Chastain? Both are ECR powered so do they give a damn? Toyota- Will Denny,Kyle and Bell give Bubba a boost? Team Penske- Will they line up with Matt and bring him in to the fold? Gonna be very...
  3. Spotter22

    Scott Family to be presented Trophy

    Kudos to NASCAR for righting this wrong. Long overdue
  4. Spotter22

    And there's a fight!

    How cool is this?
  5. Spotter22

    Jack Ingram

    Passed away last night. One of the All Time great Short Trackers. RIP
  6. Spotter22

    Lost Speedways

    Season 2 is coming up on July 1st and I'm proud to say I got to work with Matthew Dillner and Dirty Mo Media on one of the upcoming episodes by providing Pictures and News articles contact numbers and so forth. I havent seen the footage yet but I bet this is gonna be one of the most memorable...
  7. Spotter22

    Eddie D'Hondt

    Not sure how I feel about suspending someone before the trial or resolution. Evidently he didnt notify NASCAR or Hendrick within 72 hours of his arrest and thats why he was suspended.
  8. Spotter22

    What does the board think about

    Starting a SRX Forum instead of a thread? Who can get this to the decision maker? Season starts June 12!
  9. Spotter22


    Guys and girls just watched this video and I have to say its the most candid I've ever heard Dale Jr and they talked about some of the darkest stuff and some of the funniest stuff and the ride alongs were priceless. Do yourself a favor and watch. Fred Taylor, Ocho, Brandon and Channing Crowder...
  10. Spotter22

    Is Darlington

    watering down the Throwback weekend with them having it twice this year or do you think its twice as nice and you get to see more of your old favorites?
  11. Spotter22

    Red Farmers House hit by Tornado

    Looks like it threw his Hauler for a loop too. Red and Family are ok
  12. Spotter22

    Take a picture, I'm gonna criticize

    NASCAR. Reddick is right, this is really, really dumb.
  13. Spotter22

    I honor of Davey Allisons Birthday

    I present my favorite Picture. A fathers love knows no boundaries. Not sure why it didnt come up full image so click on pic
  14. Spotter22

    Slide Job!

  15. Spotter22

    Rain kills

    Jordan Andersons chances of qualifying for the xfinity race today. That really sucks for him.
  16. Spotter22

    Business is picking up!

  17. Spotter22

    Ty Dillon in the 23 for the Clash

    Good for Ty.
  18. Spotter22

    Way to go Texas

    Motor Speedway!
  19. Spotter22

    CGR announcement

    JPM on the road courses maybe?
  20. Spotter22

    AJ to run Cup Road course race

    Sorry if already posted
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