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  1. Charlie Spencer

    2022 Silly Season (Non-Dibenedetto Edition)

  2. Charlie Spencer

    Fantasy Racing 2021

    The D500 is four weeks away, so it's time to gear up for the 2021 fantasy season. New RF members, watch for the other fantasy games we offer here. Play just one or play 'em all. While we're waiting for our other resident commissioners get in gear (@pjmolo, @TexasRaceLady, @Greg), consider...
  3. Charlie Spencer

    One of the more bizarre things I've seen on the Internet

    So I get the annual 'Review your Social Security' e-mail. I click the link in the e-mail and I get THIS. Ever seen a web page that explicitly worked for only certain hours of the day, not round the clock? And yes, I'm pretty sure the link is legit.
  4. Charlie Spencer

    So, Put the Daytona Roval on the Schedule?

    Should NASCAR include the Daytona road course as a regular event on the schedule? If so, should it be run in addition to the two oval races, or instead of the summer oval race? If in addition, what race would you suggest be dropped to make room for it? Me? Run it every summer instead of the...
  5. Charlie Spencer

    A moment of silence, if you please.

    Myrtle Beach Speedway is officially eligible for Jr's historic tracks show. He and his crew better get over there fast. Note the unpleasant statement that the same development company is working to get Florence too. I spent three or four pleasant weekends at MB over the years, esp. in late...
  6. Charlie Spencer

    Brendan Gaughan tests positive for COVID-19 Interesting that there's nothing about it on Brendan's Twitter page, but maybe I missed it in my Twitter-illiteracy (ilTwiteracy?)
  7. Charlie Spencer

    Force absence?

    @Nitro Dude you heard any rumblings on what's going on with the Force withdrawal?
  8. Charlie Spencer

    Who will drive the #6?

    Now that it appears The Hardest Man To Pass is going to make it, I think we can turn to the question of who Roush will put in the car. Guesses?
  9. Charlie Spencer

    Fantasy Racing 2020 - This year, FREE.

    The season is four weeks out. The Daytona 500 is coming at us like Martin Truex going for stage points. It's time to start talking about fantasy games for the 2020 season. (@pjmolo already has the Bold Predictions game. @Greg and @TexasRaceLady, get it in gear!) I've offered this league...
  10. Charlie Spencer

    Rate the Cup race - Phoenix 2

    7. One point for the Hamlin - Elliott battle
  11. Charlie Spencer

    Bonehead of the race - Martinsville

    Fox, hands down. Honorable mention to the #14 crew.
  12. Charlie Spencer

    Kyle Busch's decision to stop before the race ended

    Was Kyle right or wrong to drive to the garage while the race was red flagged? Does anyone know what conversations Kyle had with the team on the subject? From the stands, while everyone else was stopped under red, I watched Kyle back up from turn 2 back to the middle of turn 1. I figured...
  13. Charlie Spencer

    2020 IndyCar Miscellaneous

    2020 starts here.
  14. Charlie Spencer

    Anyone have experience with these 2019 cars?

    Sedans ---------- Toyota Camry Mazda 6 Subaru Legacy Small - Midsize Crossovers ----------- Mazda CX-5 Subaru Crosstrek Subaru Forester We're test driving this weekend. If you drive one of these regularly, what did you find good or bad about it? Thanks.
  15. Charlie Spencer

    Anybody bought a scanner lately?

    The battery in my 15 year old Bearcat won't charge any more. I'm trying to decide whether to replace the battery for the third time or get a new scanner. I only attend a couple of races a year these days. A newer unit might be worth it if I can get out for under $100. Obviously waiting until...
  16. Charlie Spencer

    Seriously, what was different about this Talladega race?

    Without getting into the pros and cons of plate racing, what did I miss? To me it looked like most plate races I've seen (tandems excepted). I saw a race that was mostly two lines, with drivers forced to work together or get passed by those who did. Please tell me what you saw that differed...
  17. Charlie Spencer

    Stupid question about new car wheels

    Can I assume that the bigger the wheel, the more expensive it will be to replace the tires down the road? Given a choice between a base model with 15" wheels and the next trim package up with 16", is there any advantage to the bigger ones or is it just a styling choice? Oh, and same question...
  18. Charlie Spencer

    24-hour Cup race?

    Yeah, it's a bit of a click-bait title. During the Rolex coverage, Dale Jr asked (Doug Yates?) whether NASCAR engine builders could put one together that would run 24 hours. Doug (or whoever it was Jr. asked; it was late and I was drowsing) said yes, that current engines were configured to get...
  19. Charlie Spencer

    2019 Fantasy Racing

    With the Daytona 500 just four weeks away, many a young fan’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of fantasy racing. If you're looking for a basic game, may I suggest giving 'Switch Racing' a try? We've been running the same basic format for over 15 years. Here's the short version: Drivers are...
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