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    F1 Russian GP Race Thread

    Obviously the rain made the last part of the race exciting but I was hoping it would let up when Hamilton went in for wets and Lando would sail on to a win but that sure didn't work as I wanted it to. Worked in Verstappens favor though.
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    2021 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach

    Looking forward to the final race as I don't care who wins it or who wins the championship. I can just sit back and hope it plays out that the best driver deserves it.
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    F1 Russian GP Race Thread

    Half points again?
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    2021 IndyCar Miscellaneous Thread

    Thank you Romain for being honest.
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Bristol

    9 but it would be a 10 if all those cut tires didn't happen. Disappointed me.
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    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Bristol

    9 Good racing all night. Probably should give it a 10 with Almindingers win though.
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Bristol

    Algaier! What a driver!
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    IndyCar - 2021 Grand Prix of Portland

    Was at the race and it was as good as the years before. I believe this is the first weekend that Jimmie Johnson has gone without a spin? Not even in practice. Saw him pass Bourdais in the chicane but Bourdais got him back a few laps later, Saw Courtney Force in the pits after the race and...
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Darlington

    9. Been a 10 if Larson would've won but Hamlin deserved it.
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    F1 2021 News/Misc.

    One of my favorites and I'm sure he will enjoy life to the fullest whatever he does.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Daytona

    Also, with a win you're in the playoffs so would we still allow that? Lots of ifs.
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    Belgian GP Race Thread

    Enjoyed the commentators we have for the F1 races as they are very entertaining but I do feel bad for the fans at the race. Disappointed I didn't get to see an actual race at one of my favorite tracks but I hope Zandvoort will make up for it.
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    2021 IndyCar Miscellaneous Thread

    Yes, Oregon now requires masks everywhere. I just don't know how they will enforce it unless there are Portland police lingering around the premises and that could still cause problems. I still find it odd that we will be jammed in the stands but will have to take our masks off to eat and drink...
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    Robin Miller

    Wow. Sad. Last thing I read was how he was doing and plans for the near future. I was hoping for the best.
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    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

    If this is true, I like it. Not that a sponsor is gonna make me like Stewart-Haas any more but Subway is better than Jimmy Johns for me. Jersey Mikes beats them both though.
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    Kyle Larson Appreciation Thread

    Happy I've been a fan of his all these years. Brings a smile to me so often.
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    IndyCar: 2021 Bommarito Automotive Group 500

    Glad you liked it. Had to be tough for your time zone.
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    IndyCar: 2021 Bommarito Automotive Group 500

    I'd agree with you but they are proving us wrong!
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