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  1. Whiskyb

    Phoenix First time

    My wife and I are thinking of attending the March race in Phoenix. Never been to the racetrack let alone the state. Should be able to get at least a week of travel time. Will be flying in Any tips on track or things to see and do Thanks
  2. Whiskyb

    Canadian Coverage

    Stuck up here in Canada. My cable company is Rogers. They just up and turnrd off speed channel. When it changed over to Fox a few months back we were able to keep the channel abiet a watered down version. Still it was our only way of watching qualifying, truck and sometimes Nationwide. We have...
  3. Whiskyb

    What if......

    I messed up in the bold prediction thread first race in. Heres a what if though. Say Mark Martin as a part time driver was to win a race or two. Which he is due. How would nascar feel about a part time driver making the chase? Its kinda a wish of mine to see this happen. Any other what ifs...
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