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  1. Tim_Richmond_Fan

    Anyone want to go in halves?

    Was browsing BaT today and noticed this beauty. This particular machine won the 2015 24hrs of Daytona and the 2015 12hrs of Sebring. Anyone here interested in forming a partnership and picking her up? How fun would track days and cars and coffee's be in this thing...
  2. Tim_Richmond_Fan

    F1 2020 Season In Review

    I thought this might be a fun discussion. Here are some stats and opinions on drivers and team performances for the 2020 season. Stats: World Drivers Championship: 1. Lewis Hamilton - 347 2. Valterri Bottas - 223 3. Max Verstappen - 214 4. Sergio Perez - 125 5. Daniel Ricciardo - 119 6. Carlos...
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