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    Prediction: You read it here first!

    In the following weeks, Kevin Harvick will announce his retirement. In the process, he will vouch for Matt DiBenedetto to get the #4, just like Paul Menard did. Stewart-Haas will approve, & DiBurrito will drive the #4 with sponsor from Mobil 1, Hunt Brothers Pizza & Jimmy John's. Matt is too...
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    Has Michael McDowell (at age 36) gained a step?

    This is actually a Michael McDowell appreciation thread. It's just that the gained/lost a step threads never get old. Michael McDowell is currently sitting 16th in the standings after 14 races. That's not a typo folks. He's dragging a top 25 car on a weekly basis & putting it in the top 10. The...
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    Aric Almirola is having one of the worst seasons ever by a top tier ride

    Drivers ahead of him in the standings thus far: Erik Jones Chase Briscoe Ross Chastain Ryan Preece Daniel Suarez Darrell Wallace Jr. Ryan Newman Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Michael McDowell I don't know what's up with this team but overall they're severely underperforming. I don't recall a year where...
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    How good was Hut Stricklin?

    I couldn't sleep last night & Stricklin's name came to my head. Talk about a trip down memory lane. He appeared in NR2002 I believe. He was a pretty popular driver during his racing career, which saw him drive the Circuit City car. Stricklin quietly had a 16 year career in the top level...
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    Kevin Harvick has won 22 races since Jimmie's last win

    I think this deserves a read of it's own. These guys are exactly the same age & both are driving for top tier teams. What in the world happened to Jimmie Johnson? Before Harvick joined Stewart Haas, he was considered a middling talent who was barely gonna make it to the hall of fame. He now has...
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    Michael Waltrip

    Michael Waltrip is a polarizing figure when it comes to racing. He had a long career at the top level, but only managed to get 4 wins, and they where all after he was past his prime & all of them came @ superspeedways. That said, Waltrip has a huge fanbase. If you write something bad about...
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    Denny Hamlin has more wins than Matt Kenseth

    I think people really underestimate how good Denny Hamlin has been throughout his career. Matt Kenseth is a future hall of famer, & sure, he does have a championship, but Denny is still a title contender right now. When I was growing up, Kenseth was always winning races. I always thought he was...
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    You have 10 tokens to make a four driver team

    My team: Chase Elliott - 4 Chris Buescher - 2 Matt DiBenedetto - 2 Tyler Reddick - 2
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    Loving the new forums!

    I'm usually fond of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing but in this case you guys really outdid yourselves. I'm having no troubles getting used to it at all, in fact I might've gotten used to it already. Cheers!
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    Is Clint Bowyer underachieving?

    Clint Bowyer has one of the top rides in nascar. Yet, he only has two wins since joining SHR in 2017. At 40 years old, does he deserve to have one of the top rides in the sport? Aric could do better but at least he brings sponsorship. Same thing can be said about Bowyer but to a lesser extent I...
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    What's your favorite NASCAR video game of all time?

    My top 3 favorites are: 1. NR2003 - You can't start a conversation about NASCAR video games without mentioning NR2003. What I liked about this game was the realistic crashes it produced. The physics were on point. There are still online leagues & websites dedicated to NR2003. 2. Nascar Thunder...
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    Martin Truex Jr. appreciation thread.

    Martin Truex Jr. is an elite level NASCAR driver today, pretty much no one disputes that, but it wasn't always that way. Early on it looked as though that would never happen, and Truex wouldn't live up to the hype of his Busch series credentials. However, through two complete resets of his...
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    Has Jimmie Johnson (at age 43) lost a step?

    I hesitate to post this topic at all, because it could all change quickly, maybe Sunday at Bristol. But what the hell... let's roll. This thread is inevitable... might as well start it myself!
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    Drivers who deserve better rides

    What drivers do you think deserve better rides? Drivers who would thrive with better equipment. David Ragan: Ragan has two wins on his resume . He'd be a title contender on a top ride. Ross Chastain: Another has been said about Chastain. SHR should give him a call. Landon Cassill: Another guy...
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    How much of an influence did Kurt Busch have in SHR' success last season?

    As we all know, SHR was the most dominant team last year. This season, they haven't won a race, which makes me wonder; how big was Kurt Busch's veteran knowledge when it comes to that success SHR had as a whole? This year, they replaced Busch with an unproven driver another team didn't want...
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    Is this a good pc build for sim racing ganes?
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    Need schedules for P. Kligerman & T. Reddick.

    For the nascar pick em game. Thx.
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    Ernie Irvan - poverty, success, injury & comeback

    In 1982, Irvan left California with $700 in his pocket and everything he owned loaded into his pickup truck and a homemade trailer, and he headed east to North Carolina.[1]Worried about running out of money, Irvan stopped in Las Vegas and managed to leave with an additional $200. Irvan...
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    Pick your favorite driver quiz! I got:
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    Plate racing needs to go!

    Restrictor plate racing makes no sense whatsoever. At this point, it's just a crashfest. Cars go around in circles, but that's not the problem. They go all around the track full throttle just following each other. One lane will always be better than the rest, causing a snoozefest. I use to like...
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