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  1. DanicaFreak

    Is the arca race tonight on TV?

    @StandOnIt @kkfan91 ?
  2. DanicaFreak

    New Ford truck for truck series
  3. DanicaFreak

    Truex to hit the booth in 2022???
  4. DanicaFreak

    Famous no 68s in racing please!

    As some here know I drive taxi part time. Ive stopped about 2 years ago. Due to covid and am just getting back at it. I used to be car 8. When I first started in business I was car 88. They have now given me 68. I know Janet Guthrie drove no 68 and Bobby Hamilton buddy baker but I was wondering...
  5. DanicaFreak

    Larry Mac says no more bump drafting in cup

    I for one kinda liked the bump drafting
  6. DanicaFreak

    Dinger to run some cup in 21' along with Kaulig
  7. DanicaFreak

    GMS going cup racing in 2022
  8. DanicaFreak

    Deegan. Update this will bring tears 😭

    O m g All the feels.
  9. DanicaFreak

    Deegan update

  10. DanicaFreak

    Dale jr concerned about dads legacy
  11. DanicaFreak

    "Lightingbolt" in top right on mobile devices?

    Is this new? I like takes you right to the new posts. Its not there on a PC
  12. DanicaFreak

    JR says he will race at Nashville every year if it comes back to the schedule
  13. DanicaFreak

    Kyle Busch calls NASCAR "Stupid"
  14. DanicaFreak

    Darlington wreck angers Deegan

    She even pushed her own truck
  15. DanicaFreak

    Which driver do you not like?

    For me its MTG, hes a nice guy, but he just for me has the personality of saw dust. He complains too much as well
  16. DanicaFreak

    WOW! Full grandstands for upcoming Darlington and Tona races
  17. DanicaFreak

    Deegan test at cota

  18. DanicaFreak

    Indy500 broadcast crew - DP, JJ, MT
  19. DanicaFreak

    My Canuck Home girl Amber will be running 2 Irwindale races

    Jul3rd Aug21
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