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    A beer commercial

    I might like her Tush better than her Busch...
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    Current fleet: 2008 Pontiac G6 convertible 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis 1986 Chevy G30 van 1967 Pontiac LeMans convertible (can be driven, but currently off the road for restoration) Formerly owned: 1963 Plymouth Valiant...
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    Race pics & experience

    Over the years, I've noticed that Friendship Speedway has always had a strange definition of "friendship"...
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    Ty Gibbs

    I don't have much of an impression about Ty Gibbs yet, since I haven't seen much of him. But I admit that I am more impressed by drivers who run up front in lessor equipment than I am of drivers with equipment that comes from a top-shelf organization that has much more resources than most of...
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    Chevy and NASCAR - Day’s numbered?

    Here's why I got confused - I have some charts, prepared by "A Better Routeplanner" on the Cleantechnica website (2018), that show real world data collected from Tesla owners for battery range vs. speed (and also vs. temperature) that do not agree with your experience. I've also found similar...
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    Chevy and NASCAR - Day’s numbered?

    Sorry - somehow that 15 degrees Fahrenheit (and less) temperature failed to register with me. Ouch, that's cold! Those kinds of temperatures are pretty tough on all types of cars, but yes batteries don't fare well when they're that cold. Would have to park it inside a heated garage to combat...
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    That's pretty much every race at Bowman Gray, except there are more laps...
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    Chevy and NASCAR - Day’s numbered?

    There must be something wrong with your Tesla. It should only lose about 5% to 10% of its range due to cold weather - not the 50% or more that you report. Call Tesla service - they'll come to you.
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    Car Show

    Very nice cars and pictures! Those cars are probably in better-than-new condition, but they're still fun to see. Our little town in WV had some of the brands, but each dealer only had a few cars (and they might not have any of the top end models). Still was fun when the new cars came out and...
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    Chevy and NASCAR - Day’s numbered?

    None of the current Cup bodies measure the same as the street cars they emulate.
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    Chevy and NASCAR - Day’s numbered?

    Dodge announced that it's next muscle car will be electric, too.
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    Unofficial rate the Knoxville truck race thread

    Now you know what it's like at The Madhouse...
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    A Patriot Race Track

    By "scare off" I mean irritate to the point of making them spend their money elsewhere.
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    A Patriot Race Track

    I suppose he might hope to attract more red necks than he loses in fans who are not there to be bullied... if the red necks find it a little safe place for them... The sign bothers me because it infers that some citizens are inferior and unwelcome - and also that in this day of so much...
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    2020 Gas Prices

    Oddly, gas around here has been $2.89 ever since the Colonial Pipeline hack. A few stations have gone down as low as $2.79 or $2.84, but most stations have been stuck at $2.89 for about two months now - these same stations used to go up and down several times a week...
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    A Patriot Race Track

    LOL, I'm sure they mean well... but it is not good business practice to scare off customers before they've had a chance to sample your actual product...
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    Famous no 68s in racing please!

    You're right. Thanks for clearing that up - I had them confused.
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    Famous no 68s in racing please!

    LOL, 68 is one of the numbers I've used over the years - but I'm first to admit to not being famous! First used it when I expanded to two karts at the track at the same time. My number back then was 89, and being the cheapskate that I am I just turned some 89 number plates upside down and...
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    All Electric NASCAR Series on the Horizon

    If we wait for politicians to become responsible or accountable we'll be waiting a long long time...
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    Short Track Tire Shortage

    There are sets of little electric blankets, made to fit those small tires exactly - and resist the tire soak (that does destroy them eventually)... There are tanks, with rotisseries and heaters (that allow you to evenly apply soak inside and out, while also heating them)... I've seen people aim...
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