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  1. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Darlington I

    Hate to start of the restart of the season with a bonehead. But there were several worthy candidates. My pick is Ricky Stenhouse for wrecking on the first lap after a 10-week layoff, especially on a corner that's not suited for 3 or 4 wide racing like turn 2.
  2. MRM

    How many of you were offended that Kyle Larson said Chili Bowl win bigger than Daytona 500?

    After winning Saturday's Chili Bowl midget race, Kyle Larson said that win was and would be bigger than winning the Daytona 500. Many of the NASCAR shills like Mikey Waltrip and others jumped on to social media at the horror of such a statement. I dare say a number of fans said the same thing.
  3. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Homestead

    I have tri-choices for this week's bonehead. It's the crews of the 3 teams that didn't win the championship. Truex's team for putting the tires on the wrong side of the car, the Hamlin crew guy that put too much tape on the grill, and Childers for leaving Harvick out too long on the last stop.
  4. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Phoneix 2

    I sort of have 2 boneheads for this week. Well, one might apply to last week. The first is Bubba Wallace for being dumb enough to admit to spinning on purpose last week at Texas, then challenging NASCAR to offer some sort of punishment, which they did. This is a carry over from last week. For...
  5. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Kentucky

    My bonehead of the week is Natalie Decker and acting like a child by taking another driver's hat and throwing it onto the ground after an on-track incident.
  6. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Daytona II

    It looked for a while like the bonehead would come down between Stenhouse, Bowyer, and Dillon. But they were let off the hook by NASCAR. They messed up their caution situation by saying one to go until green causing Kurt Busch and others to pit, only to rescind that and have to throw the red...
  7. MRM

    NASCAR and IndyCar looking into doubleheader

    Jenna Fryer tweeted NASCAR and IndyCar are looking into the possibility of hosting a doubleheader, more than likely at a SMI track.
  8. MRM

    The shortcomings of short track racing

    Short track racing seems to be growing. At least it does to me. One reason short track racing isn't growing any more than it could be is how the tracks lack getting information to their local media or the local media doesn't give a flip. Here's a perfect example. Tony Stewart came to a track...
  9. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Phoenix I

    My bonehead for the week is Chase Elliott for jumping the start of the race. He never could get back to the point to see if he could race Busch or Blaney for the win.
  10. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Atlanta

    I guess this week's bonehead of the week is B.J. McLeod because Mike Joy said so over and over. Seriously, it has to be him.
  11. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Daytona 500

    I was going to pick Menard for causing the big one. But I think Stenhouse's move and Bowyer's misjudging his opening earn them co-boneheads for the week.
  12. MRM

    Cup banquet moving to Nashville

    This article isn't lengthy because details are not finalized. Looks like NASCAR will be moving the Cup banquet from Las Vegas to Nashville.
  13. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Indy

    This week's bonehead has to be Kyle Busch. Pit stop penalties and nearly wrecking his car under caution when he got the left wheels in the grass.
  14. MRM

    Indy midget race

    Heard there is somewhere around 112 entries for the midget race at IMS. Is it going to be on TV anywhere?
  15. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Bristol II

    My bonehead of the week is Kyle Busch for wrecking himself in both the Xfinity and Cup races, then acting like a big baby with goofy facial expressions after each one. Special recognition to Gray Gaulding for driving into a pileup on lap 2 going 100 when he was in the back and could have slowed...
  16. MRM

    The next Cup driver to retire is...

    Since Cup drivers are retiring with regularity, I thought it would be fun to guess who the next one will be. Of those that have been around for a number of years, who do you think will be the next to retire?
  17. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Michigan II

    Have to go with the 78 team for their bad fuel strategy and then adding insult to injury with a bad mistake on pit road.
  18. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Watkins Glen

    Not a lot of candidates from either series as both races were fairly clean. But my pick goes to A.J. Allmendinger for his pit road goof in the Xfinity race. Was the car to beat, had the lead and went over the line in his pit box to get a penalty. He came back to finish 3rd, but would have easily...
  19. MRM

    Bonehead of the week: Kentucky

    Some good candidates for this week's bonehead. I'm not sure if it should be Kyle Larson for missing driver intros, the KY Speedway groundskeepers for not turning off the timers to the infield sprinklers, or the people with the tire dragon that completely missed the racing groove going into turn 1.
  20. MRM

    Indy & the Brickyard 400

    I've followed NASCAR for over 40 years. I've seen a little bit of everything during that time. When NASCAR conducted a tire test at Indy in hopes of getting a Cup race there, I was excited. Then they finally got a date and it was a cool thing for first 10 years or so. Now, not so much. Most...
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