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  1. be9ak7ts16

    Phoenix replay on Fox Now

    Not sure the year but Elliott is still in the red #9 Coors car. This oughta be good. Racing at its finest.
  2. be9ak7ts16

    Ryan Newman Has Made It

    Just watched the press conference. Ryan Newman is in serious condition with non life threatening injuries.
  3. be9ak7ts16

    Countdown to Daytona: Late Entries

    I keep finding these gems of cars with numbers that are long gone in the countdown. Post yours here.
  4. be9ak7ts16

    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. be9ak7ts16

    Remember This Name-Justin Haley

    He could possibly win another race. Anyways, congratulations.
  6. be9ak7ts16

    Indy 500 Race Thread.

    Indy needs a race thread.
  7. be9ak7ts16

    Things You Find Cleaning Out The Basement

    I’m going through several crates of pictures attempting to decrapify. My mom used to make cakes when I was a kid to make a little extra money. I found this pic tonight. 1967 track champions at Escanaba. Moms cousin Richard Peterson in the 2 and my guy Jerry Richer in the 1.
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    how do we get our scores?
  9. be9ak7ts16

    Bonehead Of The Race

    Jimmy Johnson
  10. be9ak7ts16

    Veterns Day

    Thank You all who served.
  11. be9ak7ts16

    New Addition Coming Soon

    Neet Etta who will be joining us after Thanksgiving.
  12. be9ak7ts16

    Doug Rose The Green Mamba

    Jet car driver Doug Rose died Friday evening at Norway Speedway in Upper Michigan.
  13. be9ak7ts16

    Bobby Iverson

    Where do I start with this guy. He was a local who was 1/2 of the biggest rivalry at my hometown track. To me he was the other guy. The guy we booed. The guy that raced my guy Jerry Richer every Friday and Saturday night. You’ve seen both these cars in the Countdown threads. We lost Bobby last...
  14. be9ak7ts16

    Daisy Mae

    Lost my Frenchie Daisy last week. She was fine in the morning, found her listless on the floor at 6 in the evening and by 8:30 she was gone. Sure is quiet here without her. Zooey the Golden is lost.
  15. be9ak7ts16

    Formula E On Fox

    Giant slot cars compete for a prize.
  16. be9ak7ts16

    A Big Thank You to Dun24

    For my 10,000th like.
  17. be9ak7ts16

    Hey Ya Champ

    Glad you made it over.
  18. be9ak7ts16

    oh Them Woods Brothers

    Congrats Ryan
  19. be9ak7ts16

    Split2nd Corvette Appreciation Thread

    @SPLIT2ND , here ya go.
  20. be9ak7ts16

    Welcome Split2nd

    Good to have you here bud.
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