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  1. Efisher131 iRacing Invitational Race. Who's interested?

    Looking to do an iRacing event with some members of the racingforums website. Probably sometime in January. Possibly stream it on youtube or something from my perspective so iRacing-less members can spectate at least somehow. Would need to get at least 10-12 of us to make it worthwhile. Reply...
  2. Efisher131

    Bristol 2 bonehead

    James Davison
  3. Efisher131

    New Hampshire Foxwoods 301 Pre Race Thread

    1 p.m., NASAR Race Hub: New Hampshire, FS1/FOX Sports App 2 p.m., NASCAR America, NBCSN/NBC Sports App 2:30 p.m., NASCAR Cup Series Countdown to Green, NBCSN/NBC Sports App 3 p.m., NASCAR Cup Series Foxwoods Resort Casino 301, NBCSN/NBC Sports App I'll be in attendance. Can't wait.
  4. Efisher131

    William Byron

    If there's already a Willy B mega thread, feel free to move this. Byron has shown lots of speed this year, as have his teammates, but by this point in Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson's careers, they were being labeled busts by everyone for not winning. Where's the criticism for Byron? He was the...
  5. Efisher131

    Cali Bonehead

    The entire 19 team including the driver Denny Hamlin
  6. Efisher131

    Who are the first four out?

    88, 24, 14, 10
  7. Efisher131

    Fontana bonehead

    Stenhouse for Stenhousing Me for watching all 200 laps The broadcast team for being obviously biased
  8. Efisher131


    Since silly season has all but wrapped up, and we know who is filling the competitive rides next year, it's time to open up the Pick the Winner game for 2019. The rules are simple, pick the winner of every race before the season starts. You receive a point for every correct guess, and tie...
  9. Efisher131

    Roval Bonehead

    Keselowski, Larson, KDB, Menard, etc. who overshot turn 1
  10. Efisher131

    Take yourself back to 2013...

    Off weekend has me bored with no racing. So I figured I'd make a fun topic. It's 5 years ago, and you get a message from the you of today telling you all of these things will happen over the next 5 years. How would 2013 you react? Would you believe any of these? Which one would've surprised you...
  11. Efisher131

    Pick the winner of every points paying race

    There's a few games on here that have a pretty big following, so I figured I'd start a new one. The rules are simple, pick the winner of every race. If you get it right, you score a point, you get it wrong, you don't. Player with the most correct answers wins the game. Deadline to enter is...
  12. Efisher131

    Something for your viewing pleasure

  13. Efisher131

    Talladega Bonehead

    Too many to list for this one... but I'll go with the car owners for putting their quarter million dollar machines out there to get destroyed.
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