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  1. Efisher131

    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    Since that was done, I’ve wondered if that’s the exact reason why. Placeholder dates.
  2. Efisher131

    Which NASCAR driver are you thankful for?

    Any driver that speaks out against the 550 package
  3. Efisher131

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

    Well you guys said you wanted low downforce... so here you go
  4. Efisher131

    Where would Larson have finished in the 42 car this season?

    Ganassi is not the powerhouse on road courses like Hendrick is, so exclude all those wins. Other than Atlanta their 550 package wasn’t great either. I’d say maybe he wins at a place like Nashville, Bristol, Dover or Darlington. His stats would be something like 1 win, 9 top 5s, 17 top 10s, round...
  5. Efisher131

    Kyle Larson Appreciation Thread

    Exactly why it shouldn’t come down to a single race. If the Chiefs and the Buccaneers went to the Super Bowl, Tom Brady can’t throw an interception to a defender from the Eagles. Tyreek hill can’t get tackled by a Chargers defender. It’s one team vs one team. If you want to do it that way, why...
  6. Efisher131

    Favorite Driver and Why?

    I’ve been a Larson fan since I first saw him in a sprint car in 2012. I love dirt racing so I pull for anyone with a dirt background. Larson, Bell, Briscoe. I really like Kyle Busch for the tell it like it is attitude he has and who doesn’t love having a good villain in the sport I’ve become way...
  7. Efisher131

    NASCAR 2021 - BOLD Prediction Thread - The VOTE

    If I thought it was the boldest prediction, I might fight it. But I think saying Larson would win the championship before he had ever sat in a Hendrick car is a whole lot bolder
  8. Efisher131

    The 2021 Champion will be...

    It’s almost on the level of Dale Earnhardt vs the Daytona 500
  9. Efisher131

    so why the la coliseum?????

    My girlfriend is the same. She loves dirt modifieds and sprints but NASCAR got an “it was ok” in person.
  10. Efisher131

    Did CGR hold Larson back?

    -Pocono last turn flat tire -COTA rain shortened and Chase couldn’t go the full distance -Atlanta held up by Logano and burned the tires off -Daytona Road spun passing for the lead with a few laps to go -Kansas 1 dominated and late wreck with Blaney on a restart -Vegas 2 horrible pit strategy...
  11. Efisher131

    Did CGR hold Larson back?

    If he started out with Hendrick right away I’d say he’d probably be around 28-30 wins but this still would’ve been his first cup
  12. Efisher131


    It meant either zero or one, but it doesn’t matter because it wasn’t BOLD enough
  13. Efisher131

    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    Yes although that one didn’t feature live pit stops
  14. Efisher131

    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    Super Dirt Week is on Dirtvision every year. I believe Dirtvision is $39 a month. But you also get every other Super Dirtcar Series race as well as WoO sprints and late models and some weekly tracks as well. Eastern States 200 is usually broadcast every year on Orange County Fair Speedway’s...
  15. Efisher131


    I ALMOST said Harvick would be winless and boy I should’ve... but when I said the same about Truex last year and he won one race I gave myself a little buffer. It may end up costing me. Oh well.
  16. Efisher131

    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    The Eastern States 200 and Super Dirt Week for the big block modifieds are almost like dirt NASCAR races. They’re both 200 laps on 5/8 mile dirt tracks. Live pit stops. Strategy with fuel and tires. Adjusting to quickly changing track conditions. I think you’d enjoy watching both of them if you...
  17. Efisher131

    Cup Championship RACE thread --- Phoenix

    I’m guilty of the last part. Plate/drafting races go no higher than a 7.
  18. Efisher131

    Cup Championship RACE thread --- Phoenix

    All year that David Smith that does the analytics on speed and restarts and all that said Hendrick has no chance at Phoenix and Larson’s wins were for nothing and Larson is “confounded” by flat shorter ovals. I wonder how that crow tastes!!!
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