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    Radioactive 2018

    Not sure if this has already been posted yet, but this is pretty awesome. Radioactive style but from the winner's perspective. I guess this could be merged with Radioactive if the moderators would like. Daytona: Atlanta: Las Vegas I: none ISM I: Auto Club: Martinsville I: none Texas...
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    2017 Kansas - Go Bowling 400 - Pre Race Thread

    Anybody got a link for a live stream?
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Atlanta

    You are right. But making the punishments more severe definitely should make them think twice about tampering with stuff they know is against the rules. We have seen that fines, loss of points or probation does nothing to deter teams from cheating. If a team cheats, why is it that just the...
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Atlanta

    I think the only way to stop the cheating is to strip the trophy, points and money. Maybe even automatically disqualify for the next race as driver and team.
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    Kevin Harvick Is The Real Nascar Sprint Cup CHampion For 2016.

    Loved going to mesa they torn it down. I only met Mike once, stumbled across his shop looking for this paint shop. It was cool to see some old hang ups on his wall from Kevin's Winston West days.
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    Kevin Harvick Is The Real Nascar Sprint Cup CHampion For 2016.

    I actually lived there for a few years. And for the record, I didn't love it there.
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    Kevin Harvick Is The Real Nascar Sprint Cup CHampion For 2016.

    Never said you were the worst. I just hate reading posts where people make accusations and then refuse to explain themselves.
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    Kevin Harvick Is The Real Nascar Sprint Cup CHampion For 2016.

    That's fine. It just proves the quality of the poster who makes accusations without shedding even the slightest amount of light on the subject.
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    Kurt Busch

    Sure you can try. Probably won't go far since Kurt still wins races ;)
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    Wonder how long that banner was loose before JJ needed a caution?

    The car getting hit by a spinning car traveling at any speed, let alone at a fast speed, might care just a bit. Spinning or wrecking cars don't stay in the racing lane.
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    the 78 failed post race?

    Doesn't matter if it was 500. You are missing the point, probably because who is involved. I think what most fans want is things to be fair and objective; the same consistent rule and punishment. What you are trying to justify is purely subjective, which is why we have so many problems...
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    the 78 failed post race?

    But 70 is too much. You can't have one official cut off line and an unofficial cut off line.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Chicago

    Interesting to see one of the pit guys for the 24 throw a tire to another guy during the pit stop. It's fun seeing the different styles of pitting the cars.
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    Radioactive 2016

    Loved the water bottle toss!
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    Should more road courses be added to the Cup Series calendar?

    Having worked at Willow Springs, I'll say that the racetrack and facilities, staff and location would not be ideal for a Cup or Xfinity race. Probably not even a truck race. They would have to sink too much money into it and I doubt the return would be anywhere close to worth it.
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    What short track should be added to schedule in 2021 to hide empty seats?

    Pikes peak is so run down. They would need to sink a fortune into it to get that place in order. I'm not aware of any other existing tracks within a few hours drive of Denver that could make it work. Building new would be awesome tho.
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    The Points Leader

    Well they award bonus points for every win, why not award bonus points for points position going into the chase.
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    The 4 car

    I agree with most of this. I still think the 4 team is the most dominant car this year however. Let's not confuse individual teams with overall manufactors. He has the second most laps led, best average finish, most top 10, current true points leader with the most weeks at that position (13/16)...
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