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  1. JerryF

    2020 Xfinity Series News

    So you drive 5 to 7 hours to a race and get there right at the scheduled start time? And then it rains and it's rescheduled for the next day because they fell short of an official race. That's better than leaving one hour early? So you would rather watch the pre-race than actual racing? In my...
  2. JerryF

    2020 Xfinity Series News

    Why doesn't Nascar make policy where they can start a race 1 hour early when rain is in the area? When tickets are sold, make sure buyers are told "get to the track one hour before the normal starting time to make sure you see the start." Media is told, "the race may start 1 hour early if...
  3. JerryF

    2020 Gander Outdoor Truck Series

    He has to feed his ego!
  4. JerryF

    NASCAR safety

    I keep thinking about how easy the cars seem to flip when hitting the walls at Daytona. I don't mean when another gets into it -- just a single car hitting the wall (like Newman's on Monday.) After hitting with the front right first, it spun and hit with the left rear, and it looked like it...
  5. JerryF

    NASCAR safety

    I agree pack racing causes more accidents, but this wasn't a pack racing accident. This was one car blocking another car that had a run. The blocker and the runner touched sending the blocker to the wall. A following car didn't have time to slow/change his line before hitting Newman's car...
  6. JerryF

    NASCAR safety

    Not sure "pack racing" was the cause of Newman's accident. When it happened, it wasn't a side-by-side thing. Usually when a pack wreck happens, most of the cars are are going at speed in relatively the same direction. It's the cars further back that don't slow when they can -- some do and...
  7. JerryF

    daytona carnage count?

    In 2018, there were 36,560 highway deaths in the USA. That's a little over 100 per day! Now that's something that needs a lot of attention. Us race fans should be thinking about what can be done to minimize these accidents, and most of us do. There's some form of blocking in most sports, and...
  8. JerryF

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Daytona

    If one of the drivers was hurt, Nascar would catch hell for not throwing the caution so the emergency crews could get out there. A "can't win" decision.
  9. JerryF

    The Attendance Thread

    Yeah, with the cost of cable to watch most of the TV racing, cost of fuel, accommodations, traffic, food and drink at the track, it just doesn't make sense to attend (unless you live relatively close to the track.) Indy has gotten away with horrible site lines (and still does) with the 500, but...
  10. JerryF

    Opinion: It’s Time to Consider Time Limits for Short Track Races

    Of course he does. But can other weekly short tracks have all the personnel to operate their track like he does? Apples and oranges.
  11. JerryF

    Opinion: It’s Time to Consider Time Limits for Short Track Races

    It all seems backwards to me. Curfews are needed so many tracks can stay open. But cutting the race short comes out of the fans pocket and is especially aggravating when there's long delays that don't seem necessary. Aggravated fans reduce attendance. One of the local tracks I used to attend...
  12. JerryF

    Opinion: It’s Time to Consider Time Limits for Short Track Races

    A couple other things contribute to long shows. Many tracks have long intermissions so they can sell lot's of concessions. Then the seemingly endless yellow flag laps when trying to position the restart lineup.
  13. JerryF

    time is right for nascar seniors tour

    Maybe each series could have a "legend" entry spot that pays extra. Not "start & park" equipment. Promote it and maybe get a one race sponsor (sponsor that doesn't want to do the full or partial schedule.) Pick the area/track where the driver would be most popular. Heck they could even have a...
  14. JerryF

    The Announcers Thread

    I'm probably the only one, but I liked Glenn Jarrett. He wasn't the best speaker, but he didn't shout and seemed "down to earth" (a lot like his dad and brother.)
  15. JerryF

    Championship Fatigue...

    The best racing was between Busch and Harvick. Maybe having three teams (Gibbs) in the big four had something to do with it?
  16. JerryF

    Rate the Cup race --- Homestead

    5 Couldn't tell if there was racing elsewhere on the track -- seemed all the camera's were on the "big four".
  17. JerryF

    Chilli Bowl 2020

    Is it still going to be on MAVTV? Really enjoyed last year's telecast.
  18. JerryF

    Truck RACE thread --- Martinsville

    Darn, even with a DVR set to record the race plus 3 hours after in case of rain/major accident(s), I don't get to see the finish. It really bugs me that these networks schedule live events back-to-back all the time. I'm sure it made some of the network advertisers really happy -- NOT.
  19. JerryF

    Rate the TRUCK race --- Martinsville

    7 ... probably higher if the video from Fox was lost.
  20. JerryF

    Rate the Xfinity race --- Kansas

    Not sure I understand. You mean before there were playoffs, drivers that were too far out from the driver(s) in contention for the championship, never interfered (with the final points total?) Gave the race a 9.5
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