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  1. aunty dive

    Freddy Fryar

    Short track demon. RIP
  2. aunty dive

    Brian France Suing @DrunkBrianF

  3. aunty dive

    Charlie The Starcom Tuner

    Getting this stuff out of the Random thread ...
  4. aunty dive

    2020 Daytona 500 Pre-Race Thread

    Do we need one of these? I think so.
  5. aunty dive

    Bubby Jones

    Passed on Saturday. One of my few heroes.
  6. aunty dive

    Bill Simpson

    Race in peace ...
  7. aunty dive

    Throwback Thursday

    I'll start ...
  8. aunty dive

    Say Something About The Person Above You

    Say something about the person above you.
  9. aunty dive

    Kulwicki’s Buddies Are Throwing a Party

  10. aunty dive

    What is the Most Important Suspension Component on a Cup Car?

    See if we can get a racing discussion going about something other than aerodynamics and the sanctioning body’s never - ceasing quest to defy the laws of physics. So ... opinions, please.
  11. aunty dive

    (Un)official Ryan Blaney for President thread

    After race # 1, Blaney is your points leader because this format rewards race-long performance. Nice start to the run for the 2018 Cup. :D
  12. aunty dive

    Barney Visser Recovering From Open-Heart Surgery "Furniture Row Racing team owner Barney Visser suffered a heart attack on Saturday, Nov. 4 and underwent successful bypass surgery Monday, Nov...
  13. aunty dive

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2017 - Chicago - Playoff Race 1

    Deadline for this week's pick is Friday, September 15th, noon Eastern time. Please pm your picks to me again this week while @pjmolo continues to recuperate ...
  14. aunty dive

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2017 - Richmond # 2

    It's so unlike @pjmolo to be late. Off the board since Sunday night. I really hope everything is all right. Meanwhile, I took it upon myself to start his thread for him and to remind everyone that the Deadline for this week's pick is Friday, September 8th, noon Eastern time.
  15. aunty dive

    Not The Streets of Bakersfield

    Ostensibly, this European Shell commercial is selling gasoline, but the cars used in the video steal the show. Ferrari pulled several of their race cars from various ages out of storage, flew them around the world and filmed them running through the streets of Rome, Rio, New York, Hong Kong...
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