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    Up Coming Space-X Launch From Cape Canaveral

    lol, remember them too... ironically, their hit song was called "Take Off"...
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    dumbest thing i've ever heard

    Heard a similar one, from an elderly friend. Her computer was running slowly on tasks that required a lot of memory, such as video streaming. I advised her that she should get a new computer that could handle today's data loads more easily (hers was several generations old, and was a...
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    Practice vs No Practice

    "Translation: Teams with a high level of talent often succeed. shocker. " Experience is not necessarily talent - it's just experience. Periodically we see new drivers come in without much experience driving these cars, yet they out-run veterans with lots of experience. But the new guys are...
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    Need car repair advice [AC blowing hot air]

    "Would you guys pour $$$ into a 9 yr old car to find out what is the matter? " I would at least spend the money to get a diagnosis and quote for repair. Usually the better independent shops don't charge a lot to do that, if at all. But realize I'm someone who keeps driving cars for years and...
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    Practice vs No Practice

    No practice is a big advantage for the teams with experienced drivers and crew chiefs who already have thick notebooks on each track. With a new car next year, I doubt even the experienced teams will accept no practice...
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    ?Chicagoland Speedway: Development plans suggest NASCAR track will be torn down

    If they're going to start developing the land around Chicagoland Speedway, an industrial park would be better for it than housing. Industrial parks usually don't complain about noise or traffic.
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    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    After qualifying they should invert the top twenty qualifiers, and the two drivers with the most points (as of that race) should start on the tail.
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    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    It is soooo great that the cars "resemble" real street cars so much.
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    Hair cuts are not essential!

    I'd go '60s if I could, but I haven't had any hair in years! LOL!
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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    A buddy asked me to sell off his record collection. Before listing them I've learned (the hard way) to first make sure each record plays all of the way through okay. So, been listening to a lot of The Band, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Beatles, and Beach Boys now...
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    more short tracks because of schedule?

    Since they still want to get all 36 races run this season, they're talking about scheduling a lot of them closer to Charlotte (to make travel easier for the majority of the teams, who are based there). It would be interesting if they scheduled Rockingham and North Wilkesboro, but since those...
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    Run what ya brung

    Nah, if it was really "Run what ya brung" then you'd be allowed to cheat up the car... much more than normal...
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    Ryan Newman and Matt Kenseth receive playoff waivers.

    Whomever wins the championship this year, it will be tainted with a * beside his name...
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    Darlington 400 and 500k Pre Race-Thread

    I think that they stopped midweek races (except for a few rain makeups) back in the early 1970s - when R.J. Reynolds became NASCAR's sponsor. It was part of their new marketing strategy.
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    Cost of Racing - Quick Question

    Shouldn't be hard to find a used Legends car... but can be harder to find a good used Legends car. Legends cars are fragile, and even if they're bent just a little that's often enough to make them back-markers. Also, there have been many rules changes over the years so make sure whatever you...
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    Hey NASCAR... Give Us Some "Outside The Box" Thinking Please

    We might see more pass-through windows (for paying a real person) like I've seen used in sketchier neighborhoods, particularly at night. A lot like a drive-through teller at a bank, although you walk up to it. But I wonder what the reaction will be after more people realize that paper money...
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    Do other area tracks benefit from a track's closure?

    In my experience, other tracks benefit a little for a short time when another track in their area closes. Overall the whole area's racing suffers. As Andy says, some teams will try to keep racing so they will go to other tracks. But a lot of them will cut back or quit because of the added...
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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    Nope, just lamenting the death of ethics.
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    Chevy Fans

    I'll let you do your own homework. The "roots" concern came out of my answers to posts #45 and #73. You're the one demanding a definition of what a "stock car" is.
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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    Fine. My opinion (as well as others) is that something was stolen. But I can see how you'd arrive at that, since today it's PC to do whatever you want if you have the power and money to get law enforcers to see things your way...
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