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  1. DIDIT

    Race Thread

    I noticed for the truck race and today the race thread stayed open even during the rain delay. I liked that. I am curious why we shut down comments when the race is postponed or as in the past during rain delays.
  2. DIDIT

    Williams Grove Speedway Accident

    Terrible news...
  3. DIDIT

    Bonehead of the week Pocono

    MBC, not for the visual but for the audio.
  4. DIDIT

    ARCA at Toledo

    Only 18 cars on the entry list. We planned on going Sunday for the 200, but that seems like a weak field and we are thinking of passing. Anybody want to try and convince us to go anyway?
  5. DIDIT

    Thunder Road

    Last Thursday we went to Thunder Road speedway in Barre, Vermont. until last year Ken Squier was co-owner. Fortunately for us he was there last week. We got to hear his iconic voice as he participated in the pre race ceremonies. This track is without a doubt attended by more "families " than any...
  6. DIDIT

    NASCAR Racing on Social Media

    Being an old timer I admit I am a social media novice. During the Michigan race I did not have access to the TV broadcast. Trying to keep up on social media was a pita for me. To start with I know I can listen on MRN, but that is not an option in my current situation. I also have Sirius in my...
  7. DIDIT

    Race Hub vs NASCAR America

    Ok, I have been a fan of Race Hub for the past several years. I try to watch it a couple times a week. I have only watched NASCAR America a few times. I am curious what you all prefer between the two? Should I stay with RH or switch to NA? Honestly there is no way I can do both, so if you had...
  8. DIDIT

    NASCAR Payoff

    Does anyone know what NASCAR pays a team to spin or blow an engine with 25 or less to go? I guess NASCAR thinks that us smart fans caught on to the debris caution that we will never catch on to this. ABSOLUTELY GETTING RIDICULOUS.
  9. DIDIT

    Loudon, First Time

    We are planning to go to Loudon Sunday morning. Any suggestions, tips, pointers to help us better enjoy the day would be greatly appreciated. How is parking?
  10. DIDIT

    NASCAR is Great Again least for me. With the drop in popularity, there is a reduction in the crowd size, demand for tickets and other track local amenities such as parking. Attending the race at Daytona, I found ticket pricing to be great at $40 general admission for the Xfinity, then because of the postponed...
  11. DIDIT

    What if your Driver Said This About the Daytona 500?

    Maybe I am too out of touch with F1... “Monaco is the biggest race of the calendar in Formula One and the event is amazing, not only the race on Sunday but the whole weekend is amazing but the best result that we achieved was last year, fifth,” Alonso said. “Thinking that we are a little bit...
  12. DIDIT

    New Race Announcers?

    So, I was reading the ISC earnings comments and they talked about how NASCAR is showing an increase in the younger demographic range and that got me thinking about the race announcers. A quick Google search showed most male announcers, other than guest drivers, are over fifty years of age. My...
  13. DIDIT

    Attending Martinsville Race Sunday

    Where is the best place to park when going to Martinsville? I like to have access to the truck for a little tailgating, but I also like to walk around before the race to see all the displays. I just saw where they close the lots on speedway property for up to 45 minutes after the race. How...
  14. DIDIT

    Late Race Pit Stop Rationale

    Yesterday when the caution came out with about 5 laps to go all but a couple cars on the lead lap pitted. They knew there would only be two laps to race at the most, maybe only a half a lap. What I have a hard time understanding is with 25+ cars on the lead lap, why would all the cars running...
  15. DIDIT

    Commercial Free

    Will someone please help me understand just what Fox meant when with about 40 laps to go they said we will be commercial free? After I fell off the sofa, spilled my beer, picked up all the popcorn on the floor and crawled back up on the sofa, I looked back at the TV and there was a commercial...
  16. DIDIT

    Daytona Qualifying

    So, I posted on another thread about how I think NASCAR might be awarding the 500 pole to the best story line for the year. I just watched Denny Hamlin's qualifying lap on FX1 where they were showing his speed and for only a brief moment did they show his speed at 192. Most of the run it was...
  17. DIDIT

    Attending Martinsville

    I been to Martinsville years ago. It appears I am going to go this Sunday for the cup race. I will be driving up from Charlotte Sunday morning and will not be able to leave real early since we will be attending the Dirt World Finals on Saturday night at the dirt track. So assuming I leave...
  18. DIDIT

    Watkins Glen Question

    I am going to be in the Watkins Glen area and have free time on Friday. BUT, all they show on their ticket option are a weekend pass starting at $105 or a single Sunday ticket for $90. Does anyone know what the deal is at this track? Can't I just buy a general admission ticket for Friday only?
  19. DIDIT

    What is the craziest thing you have ever seen or heard done at a NASCAR race?

    This one is better than the guy sitting on the catch fence at Richmond in my opinion.
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