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  1. Switchback

    The Bonehead of Bristol

    There are lots of options to choose from here. Just to be different, I'll nominate harvick. A rare mistake from the 4 driver not only ended his top 10 streak but also removed what turned out to be a very real chance at a win considering his running position towards the end of the race and what...
  2. Switchback

    Bristol RACE thread

    Yep, huge penalty to restart inside
  3. Switchback

    Truex without Pearn

    One of the very few that was actually able to pass the leader on Sunday.
  4. Switchback

    Johali's Rate the Race --- The 600

    5 for the race and a 10 for Nascars honoring of fallen soldiers.
  5. Switchback

    Bonehead of the Race: Coca-Cola 600

    11 team
  6. Switchback

    Tyler Reddick Appreciation Thread

    Reddick is looking awesome and I hope he gets RCR back to victory lane by straight up outrunning the competition. No one has done that since Harvick.
  7. Switchback

    Charlotte RACE thread --- The 600

    Ol no pearn to the front. Pearn must be remotely driving that car from home...
  8. Switchback

    Truex without Pearn

    If my memory serves me, I think that car has run pretty dang good for these first races, maybe even best of the Toyota bunch. I don't recall what exactly has gotten in the way of better finishes but I don't think speed has been the problem. I never agreed with the notion that Pearn was somehow...
  9. Switchback

    Bonehead of the week: Darlington I

    Between Ricky for being Ricky and Jimmie for obvious reasons.
  10. Switchback

    Johali's RATE the RACE thread -- Sunday, May 17th

    7, it was fun to watch.
  11. Switchback

    Darlington RACE thread ! ! !

    Very few people gave Kevin the credit he deserved when he was running strong at rcr.
  12. Switchback

    Darlington RACE thread ! ! !

    other than one glitch, that 4 crew has been on it.
  13. Switchback

    Darlington RACE thread ! ! !

    I love the way Reddick is running. I hope he can make RCR a contender again.
  14. Switchback

    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    There's at least two of us.
  15. Switchback

    Ricky Craven Done With NASCAR After 2020

    Neither have I, and from the little I've seen up here lately, I have no desire. Arguing on the internet with strangers has got to be one of the most pointless and fruitless wastes of time on the planet. No one ever gives an inch, no one ever changes there views, no one ever wins. What the hell...
  16. Switchback

    real race cars on track in two weeks

    I drove by that speedway last Sunday. It didn't look like a race but there were cars out on the track with several more race cars and trailers in the parking lot.
  17. Switchback

    Angela and Mike Ruch Bounty part 2!!

    Whoever this Mike is , he better hope his wife never does make the big time, he is no where near mature enough to handle the attention.
  18. Switchback

    Alan Gustufson-Bonehead of the Week

    Lol, this reminded me of a time when Harvick was in the 29. They had been having pit troubles all day. I think Gil Martin was the crew chief. Anyway, he called Harvick in to the pits under caution but Kevin just drove right by. Gil came on the radio and said "did I miss something?" Harvick came...
  19. Switchback

    Johali's Rate the Cup Race --- Phoenix

    8, great race! Fast cars,passing cars, without help from other cars, perfect.
  20. Switchback

    Cup RACE thread --- Phoenix

    Harvick jacked up on the restart or did he just get schooled?
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