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  1. DIDIT

    Johali's Rate the Race --- Xfinity-- Bristol

  2. DIDIT

    World of Outlaws 2020

    I was just thinking the same thing. Most of my years closely following the WOO was when guys like Kinser, Wolfgang, Swindell, Ferkle, Allen, Blaney and Haudenschild were running. All great talent, but Kinser just kept putting the hurt on them.
  3. DIDIT

    The Bonehead of Bristol

    Chase's sidekick Blaney. This was his race to win and he went for too much too early.
  4. DIDIT

    Johali's Rate the Race --- Bristol

    10 WOW!
  5. DIDIT

    Updated 2020 Schedule Thru June 21

    You missed Indiana. Indianapolis is now rumored as the front runner for fan attendance.
  6. DIDIT

    Updated 2020 Schedule Thru June 21

    Waiting for the announcement of the first race permitting fans to attend.
  7. DIDIT

    Johali's Rate the Race --- Charlotte

    8.9, no TV but entertained with the battle cams and leaderboard on the NASCAR app.
  8. DIDIT

    Updated 2020 Schedule Thru June 21

    I am with you on this and hope they do go missing.
  9. DIDIT

    Charlotte Pre-Race Thread

    I never said you or anyone else here is not a real fan. I doubt someone would join this forum if they weren't.
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    Updated 2020 Schedule Thru June 21

    Some science, some politics. Unfortunately, it is the politicians that ultimately make the decision.
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    Charlotte Pre-Race Thread

    I don't think NASCAR or the networks are at "fault." They are making the business decisions and those decisions are to make money. Other statements made about the network running the show...well...I think it is because of the networks NASCAR is running a show.
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    Charlotte Pre-Race Thread

    I'll take any of them!
  13. DIDIT

    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

    Thanks. That is where I am heading next.
  14. DIDIT

    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

    Well...thanks for letting me know and saving a short trip. A bit disappointed I am. Guess I will have to watch the kids race their powered scooters through the campground.
  15. DIDIT

    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

    I just found out it is only 30 minutes from where I am staying this week in PA. So it looks like I have a race to go to this weekend.
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    Nascar Trivia

    Given his success, I am going to guess Jimmie Johnson
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Awesome read. I either forgot or never knew about Richmond driving a funny car. The article states he had a part in the movie "Days of Thunder". I can't seem to find anything about that. It would be interesting to see that part. In my opinion Richmond was one of the purest drivers ever. He and...
  18. DIDIT

    Bonehead of the Race: Coca-Cola 600

    Clean air...wished he would have stayed home.
  19. DIDIT

    Johali's Rate the Race --- The 600

  20. DIDIT

    World of Outlaws 2020

    Quite a bit of difference between the WOO announcer and the "It's a new track record" at Indy. Prefer the latter.
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