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  1. Bigpaulie1979

    ESPN's 'The Last Dance.'

    1992 Alan Kulwicki AK racing beats the big dogs
  2. Bigpaulie1979

    Matty K to the 42

    People are talking that Matt has not driven a car since he retired from NASCAR, he was pretty impressive in a pretty strong SLM field at the Slinger Nationals last year
  3. Bigpaulie1979

    Is there any place in NASCAR left for Kyle Larson as a driver?

    The real question should be, what companies can you see using Larson as a spokesperson? Rosanne Barr's Nut Farm Paula Dean The former owner of the LA clippers has to have business for him
  4. Bigpaulie1979

    2021 Silly Season

    Wondering if any sponsors are going to force the FORCE MAJEURE clause in their contracts? Lots of companies will be hurt financially because of the current economic climate, wondering if any will force their exit from NASCAR because of this
  5. Bigpaulie1979

    NASCAR and iRacing: Game Over

    it will continue as long as the checks keep cashing
  6. Bigpaulie1979

    2021 Silly Season

    Corey LaJoie to the 48 in 2021
  7. Bigpaulie1979

    Who Gets the 48?

    Pick the highest average finisher of 5 or 6 of the highest profile pro late and super late model races of the year, do this every year for the same seat in the car. No more buying rides, no more cup seats for grand kids - nieces -nephews etc, no more children of hardware store owners etc Give...
  8. Bigpaulie1979

    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    The Canadian Nascar Pinty's series has races on the streets of Toronto as part of the "Molson" Indy weekend , and has had races at the Edmonton airport as part of the Edmonton Indy, three rivers Quebec, circuit Gilles villeneuve in Montreal and all of them put on a pretty good show
  9. Bigpaulie1979

    Diversity....what happened in NASCAR?

    Bubba Pollard to cup! Bring back the redneck demographic and the more husky driver at the same time!
  10. Bigpaulie1979

    Diversity....what happened in NASCAR?

    Diversity, NASCAR needs more fat guys too, the sport is body shaming me with every interview
  11. Bigpaulie1979

    Carl Edwards

    We will never know the true reason, some part of me thinks it has somewhat do with the fact that many drivers are no longer making the $20-40 million a season (some more) and if your already a multimillionaire is it worth the sacrifices for only a few million a season
  12. Bigpaulie1979

    Drivers who deserve better rides

    Not cups guys, but I think these guys would fair well in the upper levels of NASCAR Bubba Pollard Casey Roderick Rico Abreu Christopher Bell Angie Grill Ty Majeski
  13. Bigpaulie1979

    Canadian Short Track Nationals at Jukasa Speedway

    With possibly the largest purse ($300k) this year in short track racing, and $75k to the winner, the 2nd annual event is shaping up to be one of the best fields for a late model race this year. Entries so far include Bubba Pollard - last years winner Donnie Wilson Brian Campbell Johnny...
  14. Bigpaulie1979

    Silly Season 2020

    Be real the question is who has the most money between Jones, Hamelin and Bell and that will answer who will be driving for Gibbs in 2020. Sad but true how the sport is now
  15. Bigpaulie1979

    What should NASCAR do with Qualifying?

    Pit selection based on posts, ie #1 selects 1st pit stall Abandon qualifying as we know it and start race 1st in posts starts at the rear, second in points is second last to start etc.
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