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  1. 3wideinturn1

    Ryan Blaney

    We all know he's locked in with Penske on the 7 year (or whatever the # is) deal... The problem is Penske may not be able or want to expand back to 3 FT teams with full funding. I believe they will resign Brad K and continue with Joey leaving Blaney on the outs. Given his performance this year...
  2. 3wideinturn1

    Can Ford win the 2017 MENCS title?

    Stewart-Haas Racing + Team Penske = fast cars...I'm enjoying seeing all 3 manufacturers fast...Discuss
  3. 3wideinturn1

    JGR's impact secret weapon?

    As I'm sure most of you saw, the JGR pit crews were getting it done last night at Atlanta in particular the 11 team. The announcers were commenting on how much time they made and even the sound of the impact guns were quite different. They also played an audio clip of Rodney Childers telling...
  4. 3wideinturn1

    Is AJ Allmendinger a Chase contender?

    As I'm sure some around here have noticed AJ Allmendinger in the 47 car, has put up some solid runs so far this season. He's been driving with a fire under his butt since coming back from his suspension. With the new RCR alliance at JTG Daughtery, looks like AJ might be able to surprise some...
  5. 3wideinturn1

    Parker Kligerman Cup debut at Texas

    Per Jayski Parker Kligerman will make his debut in the Cup series at Texas, driving the 30 car for Swan Racing. I'm happy for the guy as I think he got a raw deal at BKR last year. Penske and Brad tossed him aside for Ryan Blaney without giving him a real chance IMO. I think this guy could...
  6. 3wideinturn1

    Is Ford behind? If so, why?

    Pretty self explanatory thread. I've always been very intrigued by the competition between manufacturers and it seems to me Ford is behind this year but that's just my opinion. Just wanted to hear other's opinions on the battle of the brands, but please let's keep it friendly.
  7. 3wideinturn1

    Should Darian Grubb be on the hot seat?

    We all know that Denny's injury has played a big part in the poor performance. However I find it curious that he was able to post a couple good finishes right after he came back when presumably his injury was still very fresh. Since then has been struggling mightily and running no where near...
  8. 3wideinturn1

    How long until Penske gets a Cup win in 2013?

    Hey guys, just wondering everyone's thoughts on if and when Penske gets a Cup win this year? Logano was close at Fontana but to no avail. Kez has had speed some weeks and others he has been a non factor. Personally I've always been a big fan of the Penske org going back to the days of Rusty...
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