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  1. Switchback

    Another classic KFB interview

    That's pretty tame for Kyle, he had a pretty good point too if it went down like he said
  2. Switchback

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Bristol

    Very good race, it's a shame they turned one of these into dirt.
  3. Switchback

    Cup RACE thread --- Richmond

    I thought it was great. Faster cars were able to pass. When the leader is the fastest car, he shouldn't be getting passed very often. Tire wear and throttle control, just the way I like it. No pearn coming up and taking it away from Denny was icing on the cake
  4. Switchback

    Cup RACE thread --- Darlington

    Did that guys shirt say biscuits and porn?
  5. Switchback

    Cup RACE thread --- Darlington

    Pouty bush running over cones with people jumping out of the way. Lol
  6. Switchback

    Cup RACE thread --- Darlington

    Hmmm, does Rodney have a trick he was holding till the playoffs?
  7. Switchback

    2022 Silly Season

    If you move the winner up every week, the lower series would be empty by the end of the year and the main cup series would have 60 or more cars.
  8. Switchback

    The People vs NASCAR

    Finding myself not only in agreement with but cheering for Denny Hamlin and Kyle bush on some of these changes is the epitome of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  9. Switchback

    Atlanta Motor Speedway 2022 update

    I agree 100%, I strongly dislike the so called racing at those places. Furthermore, Atlanta was one of my favorites before they restricted the engines. The problem is, Dega and Daytona are very popular. Popularity equals more money and they are in the money making business. I've more or less...
  10. Switchback

    Truex to hit the booth in 2022???

    This board seems to have a particular negative reaction to new topics that I don't really understand. Not everyone follows all the legacy threads which means many of us miss current news if it doesn't get a new thread.
  11. Switchback

    Truex to hit the booth in 2022???

    Why do you always pick on df? It's not hard to remain silent of you have nothing nice to say.
  12. Switchback

    Ganassi leaving NASCAR, selling team to Trackhouse

    I agree, it's that whole takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a moment to soil it thing. I'd say it's long past time to forgive all involved for that deed. They were not the only team playing games that day.
  13. Switchback

    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono, No. 1

    Oh boy, there's the Kyle bush I remember. You have to be terribly arrogant and narcissistic to take such offense to a question like that. He wouldn't of had to be very creative to come up with some generic response about just trying to learn and get better all the time blah blah blah. Instead he...
  14. Switchback

    Cup RACE thread --- Nashville

    I agree, I'm glad I tuned in today.
  15. Switchback

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Nashville

    Great race, old school slipping and sliding.
  16. Switchback

    Cup RACE thread --- Nashville

    I would have expected them to mow that grass before a big weekend like this.
  17. Switchback

    SRX RACE thread --- Stafford

    Don't want them to see the tach to see temperature?
  18. Switchback

    SRX RACE thread --- Stafford

    I love that old tow truck!
  19. Switchback

    Superstar Racing Experience

    Paying and standing in line for an auto graph is a little too hero worshipy to me. I doubt I'll ever understand the draw to that.
  20. Switchback

    Dale jr podcast

    Your quote is a little off, what they said was " dad, I aint been a pimple on your ass in 10 years and now all of sudden you're coming over here to tell me all this stuff" The incident was in the late 90s and don't think Jr was doing a lot in racing yet, certainly not making anyone any money. I...
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