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  1. Joker

    A man walks into a bar...

    A man walks into a bar and sees a sign that says, "Win the carnivore challenge: Get free drinks." Free drinks sound like a great idea to him, so he asks the bartender to explain how it works. The bartender says, “It's a bet we have here. If you can jump up and slap those pieces of meat, you get...
  2. Joker

    Blind prostitute

    A blind prostitute I was with told me I had the biggest dick she ever felt. But I knew she was just pulling my leg.
  3. Joker

    Talladega I Bonehead

    FOX That is all.
  4. Joker

    "What have you watched recently" thread

    Disclaimer: I definitely did not get the urge to re-watch that masterpiece due to any current events.
  5. Joker

    "What are you reading" thread

    I'm about two-thirds of the way through Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. For a book written in 1992, it's disturbingly on point with some of its predictions. People being jacked into what's essentially a hybrid of social media and video games to the point where it's hard to distinguish it from...
  6. Joker

    Kenseth in the 42 was a mistake

    I love the dude, but y'all know I'm right.
  7. Joker

    Confucius say

  8. Joker

    Charlotte II Bonehead

    I'm gonna nominate KDB (and NASCAR for not black flagging him). Someone could have gotten seriously damaged.
  9. Joker

    Crazy Points Standings after Phoenix

    Bubba tied with Byron? Buescher ahead of Truex? DiBenedetto ahead of Kyle Busch? At least Harvick at the top makes sense ;)
  10. Joker

    Cold Custard appreciation thread

    Solid Top 5 last night from my new main man and no one's talking about it, eh? Tsk tsk. Hopefully he translates this to Sunday.
  11. Joker

    Best decade of NASCAR so far?

    Obviously I'm a little biased for my childhood here, but 2005 is peak NASCAR for me.
  12. Joker

    Who will retire next?

    I think it'll either be Aric or Clint, whoever performs worse and likely misses the playoffs.
  13. Joker

    My 2020 tier list

    Make yours at Picking between Bell and Newman for the last playoff spot was definitely the hardest bit, I honestly can see that going either way.
  14. Joker

    Interesting factoid about the Iceman...

    Terry Labonte has the honor of having the most years between his first and last Cup start (36) and being the only driver to drive in five different generations of car (2 through 6). Talk about seeing it all!
  15. Joker

    2020 Cup Champion odds Oh wow lookie, the best driver of the decade has the best odds!
  16. Joker

    Who will be the 2020 Rookie of the Year?

    See title.
  17. Joker

    My favorite driver when Harvick retires will be

    Cole Custer. This has been a few years in the making but it all just lines up perfectly. Other than the 4 car, there's been non-stop turnover in the SHR stable. They've been grooming Custer as the golden child for a few years now so I've been watching him when I can in Xfinity. Dude kicks...
  18. Joker

    So who would be champion under the old system?

    See title.
  19. Joker

    Michigan Bonehead

    Childers Childers Childers Childers Childers Childers Childers Childers Did I say Childers yet?
  20. Joker

    Best drivers win and top ten percentage

    Left is the percentage of races they won, right is the percentage of races they got a Top 10. David Pearson: 18.3%/63.8% Richard Petty: 16.9%/60% Cale Yarborough: 14.8%/57% Jimmie Johnson: 13.3%/57% Bobby Isaac: 12%/55% Bobby Allison: 11.7%/62% Jeff Gordon: 11.5%/60% Dale Earnhardt Sr...
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