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  1. wilson89

    Indycar 2014 Silly Season

    I know the season isn't over yet but we already have an update about what we can expect next season. Source: Teams and drivers we can confirm for next season Ganassi (4) - Dixon, Kanaan...
  2. wilson89

    Indy 500 Practice and Qualifying

    The 1st practice session for the Indy 500 was held earlier today with team Penske putting up the 3 fastest times. Day 1 top speeds 1st - Power 223.057 2nd - Montoya 222.502 3rd - Castroneves 222.373 4th - Hildebrand 222.200 5th - Hunter Reay 222.134 6th - Viso (Hinchcliffe's replacement)...
  3. wilson89

    Andy Granatelli

    Granatelli, Indy 500-winning car owner, dies at 90;_ylt=A0SO8wUBtcBS0gYApn1XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0MDQxdTIwBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDM1MV8x
  4. wilson89

    MavTv 500 Indycar Finale

    Didn't see a thread for this race it's tomorrow night. Looks like Dixon has a pretty solid lead but Catroneves still has an outside chance. EJ Viso will not run and he is being replaced by Munoz. There are rumors Viso family is in serious legal trouble back in Venezuela and his career might be...
  5. wilson89

    Bourdais signs with KV Racing

    Source: Also there is talk of Hinch possibly staying with Andretti or going to Ganassi and sharing an Indycar/Nationwide schedule replacing Larson.
  6. wilson89

    Nazareth Speedway

    Saw this on another site thought I would post this if anyone is interested in seeing what has become of the track that used to regularly feature Nationwide and Indycar events yearly.
  7. wilson89

    Detroit Double Grand Prix

    The first double header weekend is happening Saturday and Sunday. The two big stories going into Detroit this weekend is Tony Kanaan last weeks Indy 500 champion and how he will fair this weekend. The other story is breaking news this afternoon Panther Racing fired JR Hildebrand and Ryan...
  8. wilson89

    Indy 500 Race Day Thread

    Now that qualifying is done with it's time we look ahead to the race. Could not wait to get this thread up :D Starting line up Row 1 1. Will Power 228.844 2. Ryan Hunter-Reay 228.282 3. Carlos Muñoz 228.171 Row 2 4. Hélio Castroneves 227.975 5. Ed Carpenter 227.952 6. Marco Andretti 227.893...
  9. wilson89

    Oscar Awards

    I like to think of myself as someone who has seen wide arrange of movies over the years but looking over the list of former winners, I am actually surprised I havent seen more. I know a lot of time I don't always agree with the choices but it is a good reflection of movies at that time. How...
  10. wilson89

    Salt Walther

    David Salt Walther a former Indycar and occasional Nascar driver has passed away.
  11. wilson89

    Indycar Silly Season

    Since the season is over I am making a thread to keep track of who is going where for 2013 Confirmed Chevy Andretti (3) - Marco, Hinch, and Ryan Hunter-Reay Penske (2) - Helio, Power KV Racing (1) - Tony Kanaan Ed Carpenter Racing (1) - Ed Carpenter Dragon Racing (1) - Katherine Legge...
  12. wilson89

    Indycar Anarchy

    Yesturday a lot of speculation was going around that several Chevy owners are trying to get Randy Bernard fired and put Tong George back in place. Last night Randy Bernard confirmed that it was true, there is a Chevy owner who is calling others to try and lead a charge against Bernard. Well...
  13. wilson89

    Carroll Shelby

    Today is a sad day we lost a true legend, He made some of the nicest cars I have ever seen and I had always hoped to one day own one of his cars.
  14. wilson89

    Paul Tracy believes his career is over

    From: Marshall Pruett His Indy car career started here at Long Beach 21 years ago driving for Dale Coyne, making it somewhat fitting that just hours before the running of the 2012 Long Beach event...
  15. wilson89

    Indycars will not run at Vegas confirmed

    Confirmed via AP Jenna Fryer
  16. wilson89

    Jim Rathmann

    1960 Indy 500 winner Jim Rathmann has passed away he was 83 years old.
  17. wilson89

    Kurt Busch Rages During Interview

    Found this on youtube there is some pretty strong language
  18. wilson89

    2012 Indycar Silly Season Thread

    Ok I have decide to do the Silly Season thread for the Indycar series this year. I know the season ended tragicly in 2011 but I am confident 2012 indycar can return to a safer car with many advancements Officialy Confirmed as of 10/29 (13 fully sponsored cars, 11 drivers named to teams)...
  19. wilson89

    Will Power Has a Broken Vertebra

    Thought this deserved its own thread Team Penske IZOD IndyCar Series driver Will Power underwent further testing in Indianapolis on Monday for a back injury suffered in a multi-car accident during the series race at Las Vegas...
  20. wilson89

    Richard Petty Motorsports on hold

    Source: Richard Petty Motorsports on hold: The situation at Richard Petty Motorsports remains tenuous at best, despite reports to the contrary. Last week team officials said everything was set for this weekend's Sprint Cup Series race at Phoenix...
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