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  1. Hawaii808

    Kurt Busch appreciation thread

    Y Yep, that post from April 8, 2019 did not age well.
  2. Hawaii808

    This week on Door Bumper Clear

    He has some High Rock Vodka to move for Junior, so he's trying to do his part...
  3. Hawaii808

    This week on Door Bumper Clear

    Gotta admit he took it like a champ.
  4. Hawaii808

    This week on Door Bumper Clear

    Since this podcast gets mentioned in a number of threads I thought it may be time for it's own thread. Three NASCAR spotters talk about the experience at the track, breaking down their drivers day as well as the action on the track (and sometimes in the garage). This week's show has Denny...
  5. Hawaii808

    Kurt Busch appreciation thread

    Ugh, shades of Junior...
  6. Hawaii808

    Silly Season 2023

    Their 2022 sales goal is $20 million* that's about 1/20 of what they'll need to pay for a $20 sponsorship. But hey, ya gotta have goals, right? Per
  7. Hawaii808

    Chicago - 2023

    It will probably be the first NASCAR event where the majority of the spectators arrive by public transportation. I’m originally from Chicago and can count on one hand how many times I drove to downtown.
  8. Hawaii808

    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    So basically it came down to about 12 inches of 2 inch wide tape in the wrong
  9. Hawaii808

    Ty Gibbs Appreciation Thread

    More like KFB to Brexton's road crew.
  10. Hawaii808

    LOUDON: Pre-Race Thread

    23XI showing up big time in qualifying. Hope the pit crews are up for it tomorrow.
  11. Hawaii808

    SRX RACE thread --- I-55 Raceway

    Some of these fellas are gonna get a talking to by Uncle Tony...
  12. Hawaii808

    Silly Season 2023

    Heard in the 23XI purchasing department: Hi yeah, that order for 20 chassis for '23...make it 30.
  13. Hawaii808

    Kyle Busch appreciation thread

    Fan designed car coming for Kyle…but Kurt steals the scene.
  14. Hawaii808

    Should NASCAR run Sunday night races in the summer?

    Sunday nights would probably be a hard sell for track owners. Go to a race 'til midnight, get home at 1-2am then go to work in the morning? Only the real die-hards would go for that.
  15. Hawaii808

    Clint Bowyer allegedly hit and killed a woman

    But if there's anyone who could relate, it's Tony. (Yes, yes I know...way different circumstances).
  16. Hawaii808

    Cup RACE thread --- Sonoma

    Hot damn tamale Daniel!!!!!!!!!! Amigo got the job done!
  17. Hawaii808

    dale jr download

    By not challenging him they were able to keep him talking. That said, after listening I'm no more inclined to believe him than I was before.
  18. Hawaii808

    Silly Season 2023

    It’s contract and sponsor hunting season. You could HEAR Kyle Busch restraining himself when being interviewed after Chastain used the 18 as a launch ramp. FWIW Kyle pulled off a hell of a save right up until the #1 announced departure.
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