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  1. Whizzer

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Michigan

    8.5. Good racing, assisted by errors on track and in pits by drivers plus crew members, all adding to the excitement. All in all, a good race but a shame some of the other high performing cars were eliminated early on. But ...........that's racin'!
  2. Whizzer

    NEW 2022 gas prices

    $3.71 today at Wawa in Venice, FL. Filled up for the first time since July 19th. Took barely 10 gallons. Car is 2 years old and has 9K miles.
  3. Whizzer

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    Nice solid doors and fenders. They never woulda lasted where I came from originally. New Jersey is generous with the use of salt. I'm really looking forward to the finished product.
  4. Whizzer

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Indy

    7.0. Could have been better but I like road courses and short tracks. Thought Ross's move was clever and a gamble but the man said he was only trying to stay out of the four wide mess, and it was a mess. Can't dispute his thought process because whether he did it intentionally or not, he was...
  5. Whizzer

    Indy results

    WOW!! If things go as they usually do, it will be interesting to see how far down the ladder I'll be next week. Seems like anytime there is a good result it is followed by a slap heard 'round the world. Hero to zero, but, there is a certain logic in that definitely keeps one humble. 🇺🇲🇺🇦
  6. Whizzer

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    When I see the things you do to make sure everything lines up properly and has the correct setting position, The right finish and, oh, yeh, it needs new brake lines, but I gotta bend them myself, it makes me shudder to think of the thousands of customized vehicles that were put together in a way...
  7. Whizzer

    Newest member of the family

    That is good news, Greg. Happy for you and Mrs. Greg and the lad as well. Hopefully he will become an integral part of your family. And keep Brownie active! Best to all of you. The youngster has no idea how many people are pulling for him to find happiness and love in your family. Ain't this...
  8. Whizzer

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    I think the awareness has a lot to do with it. Living in New Jersey at the time I was riding meant a lot of folks put away their two wheel conveyance until warmer weather. I tried to stay on top of my game by riding in temps below freezing, wearing a snowmobile suit and boots. Clumsy apparel...
  9. Whizzer

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Pocono

    8.0. Pocono is a technical track. Strategy and getting changes to accommodate three uniquely different turns make it very interesting.
  10. Whizzer

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    Parts look good!! Nice job. They will definitely put the finishing touch to the truck when it is finished. 👍
  11. Whizzer

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    👍 HEY!! At least you figured out what the issue was and managed to correct it. I know a lot of guys, and ladies, who would have ridden it to the repair shop and dropped it off only to return when it was fixed. Or, might have spent half a lifetime trying to figure out what was wrong. I gave up...
  12. Whizzer

    NEW 2022 gas prices

    Venice, FL, on 07/19/2022, paid $3.95 at Wawa.
  13. Whizzer

    Storage building

    There is one consolation and that is, they don't eat much. But they do sh1t on everything. 😁
  14. Whizzer

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    👍👍 The best maintenance is preventative maintenance. Best to know you have a new outer primary than to have issues with an old and possibly deteriorated one.
  15. Whizzer

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    Well, it is now, "tomorrow," and I can't help but ask, did you ride it? 😁
  16. Whizzer

    It's a Joke Son

    Corgis are a very intelligent and curious breed. Was a corgi owner forty years and can attest to their intelligence, curiosity and insatiable appetite. This is a picture of the last two we had, Bailey (on right) and Bonnie. We lost Bonnie in 2015 and Bailey in 2019. No more canines for us. Much...
  17. Whizzer

    Ross Chastain is a Future Star

    What exacerbates my urinary tract to show my displeasure is, I see Ross Chastain as a potential champion in the cup series this year and feel he is blowing it by creating all these unnecessary, thoughtless, incidents that make other drivers angry and are waiting for revenge at an appropriate...
  18. Whizzer

    Atlanta 2

    Yes, I did. The entire race, from start to finish. Did not fall asleep, not even once. Even watched the interviews at the end. Something I rarely do.
  19. Whizzer

    Atlanta 2

    Last week a HERO!! This week, 19, but essentially, a ZERO!! I like Ross Chastain but he keeps screwing with my drivers!! He needs to get a handle on his aggressiveness. He doesn't need to drive like a chump. He is capable of winning the championship this year but is blowing it with so many...
  20. Whizzer

    New "what are you listening to thread"

    Excellent video!! I like good dancers and tap dancing. Think back to the Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers movies and Donal O' Connor and Gene Kelly, all top dancers. It isn't what people watch today but in my day they were great entertainment and the dancing was great. Movies today are not usually...
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